What is Snapchat? | How to use Snapchat app

Hello Guys there is so many social media platform are available and Snapchat is one the and this application is available on Google Play Store. In this platform we can share so many of our daily update. Everyone who is user of Snapchat they are sending there update of everyday and their daily life. Snapchat is Very best Application for youngsters and they have so many best features for thier users. Now lets talk about What is Snapchat?

What is Snapchat?

Many of Best Social media application are available in store but Snapchat is different from all of them and it has Unique Features for their users and every user can use this all features of this app. This Application is Launched on October 29, 2012 by Snap Inc company. This application has 1,000,000,000 plus Downloads on Google Play Store amd there is more than 28 million users gives their reviews and gives 4.2 star rating to this app and its very big achivement for the snap inc company to earn this much download numbers and users. Snapchat is Amarican multimeter instant messaging app available for over world anyone can use this app in any device. We can share our daily life moments with our friends and also send story to over world. Our friends can send thers photos and videos to us on snapchat and we can create stricks on snapchat app with friends and other known peoples.

Snapchat application is Amarican multimedia chating app made for lets people share photos and videos with over the world and with their friends and loved ones. This app provides so many filters for their users which we can apply to click any photo or any video or also apply on before clicked images. There is location option is also available for let every users can see their friends location. This application provides exect location of the users and only their Snapchat Friends can see that only if user allow.

Create Your own Bitmoji in Snapchat means we can create our own style profile photo which will look like real and we can create that by ourself and that is one of the amazing thing. We can chat with friends in Snapchat and also use unlimited Butmoji for chat with friends and there is bitmoji available with texts and creativity which shows exact meaning of what you are saying to your friends. This all are amazing features of Snapchat application now lets talk about How to Use Snapchat app.

How to Use Snapchat

First off all Download and install Snapchat application from Google Play Store. Then open this app and create account with Google account or mobile number and verify it with OTP. Now select your own Username for your snapchat account, then update your all details now your account is created, lets add Friends and start sharing photos and videos with friends which u make on snapchat, enable contect syncing in this app for get suggestions of your contect numbers. Now lets create your own Bitmoji and use it as profile photo and also use this all face bitmojis for chating with friends and it was amazing experience to chat like this with emojis.

Now Swipe right and see all the stories and uploaded videos from different people’s over the world. Here we can have all type of content uploaded by Snapchat users and Snapchat team. In this we have one option which is quick add using this we can add anyone into your friend list. In subscription options you can see everyone story which they have uploaded on this app. Now lets discover the world with Snapchat app and in this there is so many type of videos and photos are available fir everyone, anyone can watch this all available videos and photos and it is updated in few hours.

How to create face Bitmoji in Snapchat

First of all we have to Download Bitmoji app from Google Play Store. Now open app and lets start creating your face Bitmojis with this app for use this all in Snapchat application. Now lets select gender first male/female options are available select any of them and select your body type as you want three options are available in this select one of them and now select face type big, small, etc of them and then let’s select Outfit for your Bitmoji cartoon there is lots of outfit are available also for weathers and country wise and we can select any of them in totally free.

Now your Bitmoji cartoon is ready we can edit face size and style as we want. We can alsi select eyes size, style or lenses for eyes and also spacks for your Bitmoji. We can edit Ears, lips, forhead, body style, Outfits, shoes, cheek lines, beard, eyebrows, nose size, Hair style, hair colors, eyebrows colour, beard colour everything is editable in this and we can reedit anything anytime anywhere.

How to Create Streaks on Snapchat?

There is Streaks features is available in Snapchat app, we have to create Streaks with Snapchat Friends and it counts every day for grow your streaks number you have to send snap to your friends with whom you want ti create streaks and for streaks your friends also has to send the snap time to time other wise streaks will be over and if you reach huge number of streaks then you have to maintain it otherwise you have to start from the first and every streak count day wise. We can share any photos and videos to your friends to let they show what you doing whole day kr upload story in thai for update about your daily life with friends.

How to Check Your friend’s Location in Snapchat

Yes We can Check anyone’s Proper location in Snapchat app now lets talk how to use this feature of Snapchat. Open app and Swipe left for open Map and in this map we can find any of your friends exect location with current time and if your friend is offline then you will get his or her last location where he or she turned his internet connection off. Any of your friends can also see your live location using snapchat maps and for perfact location zoom the map and get proper location of anyone but fir this phone’s location option has to be enabled otherwise this will not work.

If you don’t want let your any friend can see your location than you can turn off the location or there is best option is available for hide location so no one can see your location. Enable Ghost mode available there you can turn it on for minimum 8 hours, 24 hours or third best option is it will turn on till you turn it off. So this is the amazing Multimedia chating app is very useful for everyone and we can Download Snapchat App from Google Play Store. Thank you so much for Reading till here…..

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