What is PUBG New State? | New Update

Hey guys today we know about what is PUBG New State? And also tell you about new update of Pubg New State and overall content improvement and all system is updated. New Guns, Skin is added.

What is Pubg New State?

Pubg New State is new Battleroyal game developed by PUBG STUDIOS which is also developed PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND. In Pubg New State 100 players can fight with eachother using various weapons with there own strategies till another player finished. Pubg New State offers original experience of Battleroyal in mobile. Users can Utilise gear, vehicle and consumables to survive to win this game and become winner. Pubg New State is Next Generation Battle Royale game and giving best experience to players.

Pubg New State Features

Pubg New State has ultra graphics that boost gaming experience to another level. This game has Globel illumination technology that surface what was previously possible in. Mobile gaming graphics. A open world battleground with a level of realism archivable with next generation Pubg Graphics. You will enjoy the ultimate Pubg experience in your Mobile phones. API enable stable service with improved performance and graphics optimization. It has more realistic gunplay which is fully optimised for Pubg New State and you will feel it in your devices. We can also customise guns with pubg unique attechment system. The game actions is next level and also make battle dynamic and realistic like we are fighting in real. Unique machanics introduce in Pubg New State for dodge, dron calls, and support request. We can utilise new vehicle for 8×8 open world and verious objectives gives this immersive experience of game. The survival game create the completely new Battleground in Pubg New State. This game has created for giving users to new experience of PUBG.

Minimum Requirements to play Pubg New State

  • CPU : 64BIT
  • Ram : 2GB or Higher
  • OS : Android 6.0 or Higher
  • Age : 16+

Whats New in Update

  • New event is added
  • New Gun skins and Consumes are added
  • Gun Customisation is added
  • New vehicles are added
  • Content system has been updated added and overall content is improved

Developers of Pubg New State

PUBG New State is developed by PUBG STUDIOS and it Published by KRAFTON. They create next generation game which has next generation graphics and immersive Battleroyal experience for users and users has to survive till the end and be the las one standing.

Difference between Pubg / Pubg New State

This both games are iconic Battleroyal games in whole history of video games and Pubg New State is sequal of pubg mobile. This both game has promise to give best and original content to their users. Pubg mobile has massive fan base and every fans has crazy Ness for this game but the New State is lil lower side in this. The Pubg New State has crazy graphics to make this game immersive and objectives make this game more realistic. In this side pubg mobile is lower side for Graphics comparision.

Modes In PUBG New State

Pubg New State has 4 Modes, Users Can play This all modes with Ultra graphics and enjoy the game. 1st mode is TROI, 2nd is ERANGLE 2051, 3rd is STATION Which is in Beta Version, 4th is Training Ground.


The Whole World Was Mired in chaos in 2051, wtih the small americans city of Troi no Excption.as the goverment collapsed, groups such as New Sate, GLC, one day an unknown Group of people in golden Masks descened upon the town and the Great Hunt Beguns. This Map Size is 8x8Km, 100 Players Can Play this map at a time and Last Standing one will be the Winner of this battle royal.

Station (Beta)

TDM is Team Death Match in which 4×4 Match Beguns, Where the first team to reach 40 finishes for win this game. you can choose your weapons before you join any team or match start. we can also play this map with friends in squad of 4 players.

Erangle 2051

Erangle is PUBG’s First and Original Map where players spents countless hours and enjoying the thrill of survival. Erangle still continues to be the Most populer venue for survival in 2051. We can also play with friend making squad of 4 players or duo with 2 player and we cna also play single solo player game and in this also last one standing will win the match.


In this we have N coins Behlaf of UC which one in PUBG Mobile. We can buy this coins in game by spending real Money. We have to Spend 89Rs for 300 N coins, aNd We can also purchase in game items with this coins. we can purchase premium items using this coins in game, we cna buy gun skins and also buy some premium clothes or some differant different characters. In this game We have to Purchase Survivor Pass Now season 2 is in Continue so we can purchase with N coins and get so many iems in return but we have to complete missins to collect this all items which available in Survivor pass 2.

So guys this is best Battle Royale Game available in market which as Best Graphics and best system so You Can Download it and start playing. This is Siqual Of PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND Mobile.

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