What is PowerDirector App? | How to Use PowerDirrctore

Hello Guys, So there is lots of Video creators are there in Over world and most of them use mobile phone to edit their videos and use different different applications. PowerDirector App is best application for beginner users to edit their videos like pro editors and there is so many of users that use different apps for edit one video but this all things done in one app which is PowerDirector. So lets know what is PowerDirector app?

What is PowerDirector App

So we all know if we create any content video, after creating video we need to edit that video and we need one application if we use laptop or computer then there is lots of software are there for video editing but for mobile there is also so many apps available but they don’t have every features for edit video like pro editors. So Here is the app whic has all of pro features available for everyone and the app interface is so user friendly. PowerDirector app is released on Jun 4, 2014 by Cyberlink Corp company and this app has more then 100,000,000 downloads and more then 4 million users has given their review and gives 4.4 star on google play store. We can do all pro things using this application if we have proper knowledge to use this app. We can make best video for your content.

PowerDirector has 4k video rendering option. There is so many rendering options like Sd, Hd, 1080p in 30 or 60 Fps, and best is 4k 30 Fps. In this app there is Stunning Belnded Video Effects available for everyone. Every user can use this features and create amazing video in Mobile Phone. This app is work on every Devices. We can create text in all different Font style, we can also create and insert animeted title in this app.

We Can Make video speed Slow and fast and create very smooth video in any speed and we can insert Audio from files we record and also record voice from this app. We can apply Green screen effect perfactly in this app we just have to select colour and than other thing app will do automatically by their self. You can edit background of any video ad you want easily in this app. This app has Massive Royalty free Library for everyone so everyone can use this all item Available in this library for free and its all is Copyright free items. We can intuitive mutli timeline in one screen and use it anywhere. We can Fix Shaky footages with just one click in this all using Stabilization option.

How To Use PowerDirector App

So First of all Download this application from Google Play Store you can find it easily on google play store. Download and install apk then open the application. First of select the size in which you want to edit your video then add any video footage which you want to edit, after this if you want to trim this video you can do it easily and second to second. When you add any video clip then click on that video clip and the all options of editing will shown on your screen like Split, Volume, Audio Mixing, Filter, Adjustment, Speed, Effect, Stabilizer, Fill and fit, Pan and Zoom, Crop, Rotate, Flip, Duplicate, Reverse, Templates this type of all options will be therr and you can use any of them for make your video look amazing.

There is other options are also available for edit video like pro editors. We can add more then one video in one screen at a time, we can also add photo with video in Continue video then we can also add voice from gallery of we can record it from this app. We can also add video templates on continue video editing on any of video. If you want to add any text on any video than also we can do with this all easily and there is lots of Fonts are available for it. We can add Many video on one video using this app. If you want to add any photos on any video fir show some content than also we can do from this application. We can add Stickers, Video effects, Overlays, Also has Effect for layers we can choose any of them for look video professional.

Features for Edit Video in PowerDirector

How to Split any Video

we can tream any video in this app using this split option. We have to select one layer which we want to tream than we have to select the end part and then click on the split option after this the one video will devided in Two layers so we can edit video layer by layer easily and cut to cut properly like pro editors.

Volume up/Down Option

We can set volume as we want of any layer using this Volume Features. We have to select one layer of which we have to set sound up to down or down to up, we can do this with every layers we have created.

Audio Mixing

This function needs while we create layer on another layer and we have to use any ine Audio of them all then we have to select this option then we can adjust voice of all the layers and set voice up of which we want and else we can down easily.

Audio Tool

We can Set Audio Quality and clear noice, or transfer voice to any other voice. If we want to remove unwanted background noise then we have to select this option and then Delete Denoise so the noise will be removed from your Audio or video. We can also use this feature for change voice to any others voice as we want and this works very properly.

Filter and Adjustment

We can apply any filters to video and photos we added to edit and we can select filter layer by layer also and there is so many of filters are available for everyone so we can apply and check all if them one by one and choose any of them for your video or photos. We can Manually adjust everything in video and photos and create filter or adjust it as we want in this app.

Speed Effect and Stabilizer

We can Adjust speed of any video we have added to edit. We can also adjust speed layer by layer if we have created many layers and this feature works amazing. We can also Stabilize any video no mater how much shaky is that this app will gives best results of Stabilization. We can make perfact video using this two best features of this app.

Fit/Fill and Pan/Zoom

Fit and fill option is for set your video footage in fit to screen or fill the full screen and in pan and zoom option we can zoom as we want or create pan so video will set automatically.


We can Crop amy video or photo as we want using this Crop function. We can rotate any photos, videos or any layers with this Rotate option, If we want to flip video or photo then we have to select this Flip option.

Duplicate/ Reverse

We can create duplicate item of any video, photo as they are right now if we create duplicate of video the size of the duplicate item will be same as original one and we can create whole project duplicate also in this app. If we want to reverse any video then we have to use this function and this will work best we can make best video using this function properly. We can reverse amy video or any layer using this function.

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