What is Phonepe App? | How to Use Phonepe App

Hello friends, We All Know that there is so many applications are available for online Payment and Money Transfer and not every App is Trustable but Today i will tell you about the most trusted application which is Phonepe app and it is one the best and most Turstable app for pay money Online, money transfer and we can also transfer bank to bank using this application. So now lets know what is Phonepe App?

What is Phonepe App?

Want to transfer money online than there are so many applications are available for it and very trustable app is Phonepe all of them. We can use this application for transfer money online to anyone we know or on any shop, mall, and anywhere by phonepe to phonepe or we can also transfer money Phonepe to other apps. All money which amount we have decided to transfer it will transfer instantly to the mobile number which we add to pay or scan any QR Code. Phonepe app is launched on August 29, 2016 and it has more than 100,000,000 Downloads on Google Play Store and this app is lunch by Phonepe Company and More than 7 million users has give their reviews on Google Play Store and gives 4.3 star rating to this app.

This score is very Exilent and its very good thing for this app. Everyone can uss this application for free and transfer money wallet to wallet or bank to bank. 3+ year’s people’s can use this application anywhere and anytime and do their transaction. All users can buy anything using this application and do payment from Phonepe app. In This application we can open our self Account for free and save money in this account. We can transfer money to our self Account from the wallet also. Phonepe app is use for Secure Upi transfer, money transfer, mobile or Dth recharge, bill payment and etc we can use this app for everything and we can use it anywhere.

How to Use Phonepe App?

Now lets talk about How to use this amazing app. First of all we have to Download Phonepe apl from the Google Play Store or app store than open application and create account using mobile number we have to add number on which our bank account is connected. Verify number with OTP and select password for Unlock the application and than now enjoy the user friendly interface of this app. For doing any payment first of all we have to complete KYC in this app we For KYC process we need adhar card and paan card we can complete KYC online using phone and we just need to upload photos of this Documents. After KYC Process is complete we have to add bank Account which is connected to your Number on which we have created.

Link your Phonepe account with bank and now after this we can transfer money to anywhere in anyone’s account and now we are able to pay anywhere and also send money to our friends and also scan and pay to anywhere. We can send payment to everyone and also pay our electricity bills and any othe bills. There is also hav an best option to pay load amount. If you have get any loan and you don’t want to go to the bank than you can also pay the loan from Phonepe.

lets talk about how to transfer money using Phonepe App. There is so many options are available for transfer money to others in phone pe like We can use scan and pay option, send money to mobile number, can send money to bank account, we can also send money to our self Account. Now lets talk everything in Breaf.

Scan and Pay

we have lots of options to pay from Phonepe App and scan and option is best we can scan any QR code and pay select the amount and pay to anyone and the money instantly receive to thier account and we can pay to any other app also using this scan and pay option and we can pay to any QR Code by scanning and pay upto 20,000 at a time. We can add money to wallet and also pay from Wallet to any bank account by scanning any QR Code. We can pay to bank and wallet to anyone’s account.

Send Money to Number

we can send money by using Mobile number and we have to enter any number which is available on Phonepe and then after enter the number you have to enter the amount and we have to use our UPI transaction code for make payment and now payment will be successful instantly.

Bank Transfer

We can transfer money to bank account instantly. We have just have to Enter bank account number, IFFC Code and than we have to enter the amount and we have to enter this all details of that perticular person in who’s account we have to transfer money and after clicking confirm the money will be transferred to their account instantly.

Transfer to Self Account

If we want to transfer the amount in our personal account than also we can transfer by using this Phonepe Application. There is an option available there to to transfer money into our self Account. Other people’s can so transfer money to your account using any upi app.

How to Add Money in Wallet?

There is an wallet available in Phonepe app in which we can add money and send to anyone anywhere. But first of all we have to add money in Phonepe wallet. We can add money in Wallet using bank account or by debit card. We have to enter amount than select from where we have to add money in Wallet. We can add 10,000 money in Wallet and also send money to anyone using Phonepe wallet but this one works only for wallet to wallet transfer. We can transfer money to anyone who is using phonepe app and this money will be added to their phonepe wallet.

We can Pay Any Bills with Phonepe wallet and also do Mobile or Dth recharge with this app and we can also pay loan from phonepe. We can buy gold from phoenpe there is 24 karet gold are available for purchase. We can book ges cylinder. Pay Electricity, water amy other bills. Purchase 24K Gold and also get Home gate delivery from Phonepe app. We can buy every type of insurance from this app for anyone. Can use Scan and pay by Qr code in 20+ million shops over india. 100% secure and safe money transfer application which everyone has to use. Go to play store and download Phonepe App now. Thank you so much for Reading till here……

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