What is Paytm? | How to use Paytm?

Hey Guys, today we will know about India’s Number one online money transfer application. There are so many applications are available for transfer the money one device to another device in wallet or in bank account But Paytm is Best and amazing application from them all and it is India’s best Number one Application to Money Transfer.

What is Paytm?

There are so many Money Transfer application is available on Google Play Store but The Paytm Application is India’s Number one application whic has trusted by over 30 coror Indians and make this app best in all of available revial apps. We can transfer money bank to bank or wallet to wallet using this Paytm app. This apl is released on April 30, 2012 buy Paytm – one97 Communication ltd. And the paytm Application has now 100,000,000+ Downloads on Google Play Store, over 10 million people’s from 100+ million users has given their reviews on Google Play Store to this app and give 4.6 Stars Rating to the Paytm App.

Download the Paytm app for transfer money bank to bank via Bhim Upi, we can instantly pay payment at any shop using Paytm app, we can also pay money at online sites or apps even in Google play store we can use paytm Application. We can get instant payment or give to anyone in seconds. Pay at online sites or apps like Zomato, swiggy, IRCTC, Flipkart, Uber, Google Play Store and many more apps. Everyone can use Paytm app for do mobile recharge, fastag recharge, Dth recharge, also use for boom Movie tickets, bus tickets, train tickets and flight tickets. We can pay Electricity bill, Ges bill, Home Rent, ledline bill using Paytm App. We can easily pay Brodband recharge amount, Insurance Amount using this application. Paytm also offers you features to invest money in Digital Gold, Nps, and in Mutual fund also. We can check CIBIL Credit Socre using Paytm app but in this we can check only that number’s CIBIL Which we given while opening account.

How to Use Paytm App

First Of all Open your Google Play store and Download The Paytm Application and install in mobile phones. Now lets open the apl and signup with mobile number, give mobile number which is connected to your bank account. after giving number OTP (One Time Password) Will come now Enter your Password and remember it and now login with given number and password. Now we have Account which Does not have KYC Complete so now we can transfer money bank to bank for this we have to add your bank account in Paytm bank and now we can send money to direct bank to bank using Account number, IFSC code and also send money to others bank account using Bhim Upi. Now first of all we have fo enable our Paytm Wallet and for this we have to complete KYC. If we complete short kyc than we have get 10,000 monthly transaction limit which includes any transaction. KYC is necessary to use Paytm Properly and use every features of this Paytm App we have ti Complete KYC.

Now there is an option available which is Video Kyc which is done at anyplace we just have to carey documents while we are doing Video Kyc because the officers will ask you some questions about yourself and your address than we have to give right answer and than After this all process KYC will complete and we Allowed to do and use every features of Paytm app. If we don’t want to do Videi Kyc tha we have other option which is Doorstop Kyc in this they Employ of Paytm team will come to your house and take you biometric and check you Adhaar card and pan card and than the KYC will be completed. We can also go to the office of Paytm to complete kyc but the company gives the mobile shop keepers to complete kyc process of customer to reach at every local location of India.

Bank To Bank Money Transfer with Bhim Upi

We can send and receive money from any mobile number on which Paytm is active and also send directly in your bank account instantly, KYC is not compulsory For use UPI Transfer. We can check Bank balance and also manage multiple bank accounts. Most of all the bank’s available in India supports the Bhim Upi App.

Mobile And DTH Recharge

For Do Mobile Recharge using Paytm App ae have to Select number and than we have to select the plans available for mobiles and then which plan makes us comfortable than we have fo select that one and pay that amount and your mobile number will successfully completed in few seconds. We can Do Rechage of DTH using Paytm application we just have to enter amount than account number of your DTH tha do payment and it will successfully completed in few seconds. Best thing is we will get cashback all the time we done any transaction using Paytm. In now ae have to collect the Coins go get Cashback if we pay money to someone than we will get Cashback Point than we can use it to get Paytm Cashback 5000 point means INR 50. We can withdraw this anytime anywhere but condition is only that we have to collect that much coins and for collect coins we have to pay any amount to any one using Paytm App.

Paytm Saving Bank

Indiai Number one Payment App has their own bank in application known as paytm saving bank. We can open this Saving account from anywhere we just have to let us account has done complete KYC. If we don’t have Kyc completed than we have to complete it first KYC and than apply again for open Saving account. We have to submit our all details and pan card and aadhar card details also to open Paytm Saving account. This saving account is for save some money and this Saving account makes bank to bank money transfer easy and very fast and we can check our all history of transaction in history portion which will comes with perfact date and transaction time. This type fo history is available fir Paytm wallet transaction also. Easy to create Saving Account for investment in mutual funda and in etc.

Paytm Is Indias #1 payment app which is trust by 30 coror Indian People’s. Thank you so much for reading till here….

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