What Is Netflix? | Netflix New Update | Netflix Subscription Plans

We can Watch all Movies and Tv Shows On Mobiles using Different Apps. Now Netflix Is Most downloaded Ott Platform Available in Google Platform today We Know About What is Netflix and also Know about Netflix Subscription Plans In details.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is one of the best OTT platform available in Playstore and most downloaded also. Netflix is streaming service based platform which allows there users to watch every Tv shows and Movies without commercials on the devices wich is connected to the internet. We can watch every movies and Tv show Available on Netflix online and after downloading also. Netflix works on IOS, Android, or windows 10 Device’s. We can watch Netflix on Tv which are Android or in devices which has Netflix available in app store. We have to get Subscription for watch every premium content available on Netflix and we can buy monthly and yearly package of Netflix. Netflix is 1st number OTT platform overall world and has content in every language available in overall world. Netflix has content for every age people’s from kids to elder’s. It has unlimited movies and Tv shows and also has all appisode of every Tv shows and we can watch every Content in HD and Every type of quality is available for streaming online or download from Netflix. Every new content will Uploaded on Netflix on Friday so we will have new thing to watch every week in every language content will be uploaded on Friday in Netflix.

Netflix Supported Devices?

If we want to watch Netflix we need one Device in which we connect Internet basically it works on every device which has internet connection. Device in which we can install Netflix app including Mobile phones, Smart Tv, Android Tv, Game Console, Streaming Media players, set-up box, tablets, laptops, computers. We can also watch Netflix on computer using Browser with connection of internet. We have to check system requirements for web browser compatibility, and also we have to choose network whcih has fast internet speeds for best performance and best view quality.

How to Use Netflix?

  • First of all we have to download Netflix app from app store.
  • After installing app we have to signin or login to Netflix app.
  • If you don’t have account than we have to create account.
  • After completing signup we have to choose the right plans for us.
  • We have to creating account by Email Id or by Mobile Number.
  • Now enter payment method.
  • We can buy plans for one month or yearly package.

Content Available on Netflix?

As we know Netflix is number 1 in all OTT platform so we can assume that we get everything in it as we want and yes its true we are getting it on Netflix. It has all type of content from all over world for everyone who is member of Netflix. We get all movies, tv show for unlimited time if we buy subscription plan once and one we buy than ot worth it. Everyone can watch there own choice content on Netflix, kids to elder’s type content is available on Netflix for all time. On Netflix all type of movies, TV show are available in multy language we can watch everything in language we want and nee one is added on every Friday for everyone. We get Action, drama, comedy, family, adult,kids, movies, tv shows and also has full and all episodes of all tv shows available on it and we can watch in hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, kannada, Spanish, etc on Netflix. 12+ children can also watch Netflix on any devices which has good internet connection. Now lets talk about history of Netflix.

History of Netflix

World’s number one OTT platform was launched on August 29, 1997, and it offers library of movies and television serials through distribution deals and they also has there own contents which is known as Netflix originals. Now in December 2021 Netflix has over 214 million subscribers all over world in which 74 million subscribers from United States and Canada, 70 million subscribers from Europe, Middle East and Africa, 39 million subscribers from Latin America and 30 million from Asia. Netflix has performed a prominent role in indipendent film industry. And it is also an member of Motion Picture Association. Netflix is usable via internet connection from any device like smar phones, smart tv, IOS device, Setup Box, Video games, leptop, computer. Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley in the year of 1997. In January 2016 Netflix expanded to an additional 130 country and then now operated in 190 countries. In 2010 Netflix was the top performing stock in the S&P 500 stock market index with totel return of 3,693%. Now Netflix main headquarter is in Los Gatos, California, in Santa Clara County. In December 2021 former Netflix Engineer Sung Mo Jun was sentenced to 14 month in prison for an Insider trading scheme where he would leak subscriber number in advance of official release.

Final Review for Netflix

Netflix is best OTT pletform ever available in world. If we want entertainment than we can definitely look at Netflix first than other platforms because this gives the guarantee of get entertain by contents available on Netflix or on Netflix originals. We can enjoy every types of movies and in every language and it has unlimited movies in stock and also has unlimited tv show for watch to everyone.

Netflix plans

we can start online streaming with just Rs-149 for unlimited entertainment for low price. Each Netflix plan determine the number of devices you can watch Netflix on at same time and if you prefer to view in standard definition (low quality), high definition (high quality), or ultra definition (ultra quality). Compare plans and pricing to decide which one is right fir you and most good thing is we can change plans and cancel at any time.

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