What is Kinemaster app? | How to use Kinemaster app

Hello Friends, i will tell one more photo video editing app which gives you perfect experience like you are pro editors. We can edit any video in Mobile phones using this app we will Edit videos in all qualities and also save video in 60fps this Kinemaster app is amazing for beginner editor and for those also who do not have laptops or computer and edit’s video in Mobile phone. So now lets know What is Kinemaster app?

What Is Kinemaster App?

The Kinemaster app is one of the best app which provides video editing like laptop software is providing we have to know how to use this app and if we know properly then we can edit best video from this app. We will get all Premium features in Kinemaster and everyone can use this all in their devices. Kinemaster makes editing easy with their lots of powerfull tools, downloadable content and much more other things. This is an easy full featured video editor amd more then 3 years people’s can use it anytime anywhere as they want. We can Edit whole video layer by layer in this app and add text, graphics, photos, and etc in video to look amazing. This app is available for free to use but if we want to use its premium features then we have to get Subscription plan with this we can unlock amazing features available in this app.

Kinemaster app is released on December 26, 2013 by Kinemaster Corporation company. This apl has more then 100,000,000 downloads on google play store and there is 4 million users gives their reviews and gives 4.3 star rating to this app and it is big achivement for the Kinemaster company. This app is on #1 Grossing in video player and editors. This app is number one competitor of all the other apps for ediy videos. We can edit everything in this one app we do not need any other app for edit video. We have option to edit video from Starting to End Screen of video.

We can download and re edit project from project menu available in this app. We can import and export project files easily. We have tolls to cut the video, split, and crop the video as we want. We can combine and edit videos, photos, sticker, text, special effects amd many more. We can add music, sound record, sound effects, amd also use voice changer this all are available in Kinemaster app. This app has more then 2500 downloadable transition, videos, images, stickers, fonts, animation for every users. We can download this all from in app asset store in free but if we want premium things than we have go buy subscription plan of Kinemaster app.

How to Use Kinemaster App

So Guys Download this app from Google Play Store amd install in your devices. Then open app and cream one project give name to that particular project and select the frame size as you want. Now import videi which you want to edit then if you want to tream the video then select part which you want to tream. Now we can add layers for edit video or add photos, stickers, Audio in your video to make it amazing. For add photos and videos click the Layers option then click on video if you want to add video ither select photos if you want to add photos. Or in there there is option to ass Stickers and font in your video. We can also create anything we want by using bush for this click on hand writing option. We can aslo apply different different Effects on your perticular selected layer using Effect Option. We can add music using Audio option or also record voice in that option. Lets know all features in Breaf.

Create Amazing Video

For creating Amazing video we need some tools of this application. First of all we have to add video which we want to edit then add text layer and write something about video and select font which you like. Then add any other video and photos which shows your content more beautiful. Now add amazing effect available in app for creating Amazing video.

How to Add Music in Video

If we want to add music in our video then we have to click on music button given right side in circle then we have to select from the file manager and add if we don’t have any music then we can also download any type of music from Asset store of this app. We can also add voice recording in video or also record using this app this all features are available in this Music option.

Asset Store of Kinemaster

There is Lots of items are available in this Asset store for make your video amazing. We have lots of videos, photos are there and we can use them for free in our video. Also jas lots of Effects for create amaze video. We can also download Graphics for add it in your video and there is lots of font style are available we can download them all and also use this all in our video and then we create perfact video. We have so many of background musics, music effects and many more things. So many of stickers are also there for download and use in video. This is the only app which has this much things in app we also has Transition template for make video starting and end screen beautiful.

Kinemaster app is best for mobile editors in which they can do all premium things and this app provides so many amazing features so everyone can create great video using their creativity. all the great features are there but for use them all we need to buy subscription plan of this app or else we can use Mod apk of Kinemaster in fhat we will get everything for free. No subscription required in Kinemaster Mod apk all premiums are Unlocked and we can download everything available in Asset Store amd use in your video most best things is we can create video in 4k 2160p in 30fps, or 1080 in 30fps and 60 fps both and the quality Is great we can also use Chroma key option and speed high to low of video and rendering will give you smooth video. We can download this app fr Google Play Store. Thank you so much for Reading till here…..

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