What Is Instagram? | How To Use Instagram

There Is To Many Social media platform Are available in App Store and Instagram is one of them and best. Instagram has most off users are youngsters and because of this Youth instagram become this much famous and it is also very useful for alll people’s.

What is Instagram?

Shre Your memories, Photos, videos with you loving friends and relatives and your loved ones on Instagram. Instagram from Facebook bring you closer to you friends and loved ones we can share content on Instagram like photos, videos of where you are now. And we can see what others are doing and we can explore social community where we feel free to be yourself and we can share about every thing of our daily moments of your life. Instagram is Photo and video sharing social media platform which has made their software just in eight weeks before launch. Their Engineers developed whole software just in 8 Weeks before launch of this amazing platform. Facebook has Buy this whole company in $1 billion in Cash and Stock. Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom. This app launch on October 6 2010 and get 25,000 users in just one day. The main focus of this app is Photograph which was taken on mobile phones. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. In 2009 kevin Systrom was worked at Google as Corporate Devlopment Associate. In Fabruary 2011 instagram raises $7 million funding and the company attrect other companies in social media technology industry including Twitter and Facebook. In March 2012 app cross the 27 million users and than they received funding of $500 million at valuation. Than Facebook has offered $1 million in Cash or in Stock to buy instagram and than that deal confirmed. In now December 2021 instagram has 1 billion+ Downloads on Google Play Store. And in now time Instagram is open for every 12+ Age people’s to use and get 4.3 star from they users total 128 million instagram users gives their review and get 4.3 start ratings.

New Features In Instagram

In Instagram we have lots of features, the interface is allows individual who is creating free account to upload photos and videos in their profile. And they can filter both photo and video and trip and add music in that perticular post and also tagged someone and use hastags for make their post to reach many people’s. Users can make thir profile private and public as we want in public everyone can see our profile and also see photos and videos which we have uploaded and also check our friend list. In private profile only our friends can see our profile and check photos and videos we have uploaded no other one can open our account. In private profile we can give access to perticular person whom we want to see our posts and other side in public profile everyone who has instagram account all can see our posts and videos. In private profile only our friends which requests we have accepted only they can like our post and if they share to anyone that post can not be able to watchable for that if they are not following us in other side public profile this is the advantage that strong chace to get more likes on every posts which we have uploaded and everyone who love this post they can like and we can get more likes and for get more likes we have to use Hastags for this thing and we have to use some tricks for get more likes and more followers.

How to Use Instagram

If you do not have instagram account than first of all install Instagram application from Google Play Store or istore. After installation open application and click on create account than now fill your username which you want to create than choose your password and now select your gender, birthdate, now lets follow which we know go to search option and search thier usernames and send them follow request if their is private account than you would not be able to see photos and videos available in their profile send follow request than wait till they accept you request. We can follow all the celebrity available in Instagram and let knowledge about which life they are living now. And we can upload Stories in daily base for let other know what we are doing if we want. Now there is best function is available in Instagram named Instagram Reels lots. If you want to be famous on Instagram than use this function and get famous for this we have to upload some creative content and publish it in Reels portion. We have an trending option available there we can select Songs from there and use it in our content. There is another best function is available on Instagram gives Blue Tick mark to those who is Celebrity, or content makers we can also apply for it if we want but they will reject it for sure because we are not celebrity.

Instagram is very popular and amazing application for youngsters where we all upload memories and share with our love ones and friends. We can make new friends on this platform and also let all know how much creativity in us by uploading Unique Reels on Instagram. We must have fo download this app if you did not download this app yet than open your phone go to Google Play Store than search Instagram and Install it in your phone and explore it and enjoy the all and share your memories with your friends, family and all over world.

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