What is Gb WhatsApp? | Features of Gb WhatsApp?

Hello Guys, There is So many Multi meadia platform are available on google play store and WhatsApp is one of them. We have lots of features are available in this GB WhatsApp and this all is available for everyone. This app has so many users over the world. There is large difference between whatsapp and Gb Whatsapp and we get so many different features in both applications. We can use both of them for free. so now lets talk about what is Whatsapp?

What is Whatsapp?

Whats app is now Facebook company and we can use for messaging and free video and audio calling. This amazing platform has more then 2 billion users over the he world and more then 180 country people is using this app for Chat with their friends, and loved ones they can do video calling and the quality is very impressive and we can also do audio call using WhatsApp and we can hear very clear Audio If our network is perfact because it works on internet connection so everything is depends on your internet speed. It is very safe, reliable and private for evey users. The data of all users are private and it has End to End incripted feature which is usable for everyone in every chat if we use this function then Our All chat is totally Incripted by system and no one can check it even he hack your account then also they can not see this Incripted chat and main is the company is also do not have access to read chat. So whatsapp is Very safe and in privacy point it is on number one.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is Modified version of original whatsapp and we have so many different different features in this GB WhatsApp which is not available in original whatsapp and this all Amazing Features which is available, everyone can use them for totally free. Developers of this app modified some good thing in original whatsapp and create this Gb WhatsApp which has lots of features like we can hide double ticks, we can also change themes, we can change our online status, we can use our old whatsapp accounts in this app properly.

There is lots of mod apk are available in market of every application and some developers create this gb whatsapp which is also mod apk of orignal whatsapp and it is a fantastic app for users, its has lots of Boosted functions and they all are not available in original whatsapp so if anyone want to use whatsapp with so many advance features then this app is perfact for them.

Features Of GB WhatsApp

  • We can do lots of thing in this GB WhatsApp like text message brodcast.
  • we can filter selected messages, bets is Anti revoke message.
  • every one can share their live locations, This has lots of Outstanding effects.
  • we can Revoke multiple messages at a time.
  • we can send meximum pictures in this app while original whatsapp has limit 30 pictures at a time.
  • All can use Its Endless Themes, We can download status which are uploaded by your content directly in to your gallery it is very good feature.
  • This app has lots of amazing Fonts and we can use everyone of them.
  • We can also Check the History of revoke message in your chat and also in your Groups.
  • We can alter the media visibility of perticular person in your gallery.
  • We can mark the read messages as unread from the notification.
  • in this app we can select all the chats available in your profile from the home screen.
  • We can hide our active status and select any time, we can aslo hise voice record status in this app.
  • The best feature is we can share high quality images using GB WhatsApp while the quality of pictures will lose in original whatsapp.
  • Amazed feature is we can see the login history of our Contacts.
  • This app gives best features which is when your your contact update their profile then this app will give you Notification so you you can check their Updated profile.
  • One fabulous feature is we can hide popup notification from your main screen.

We can Do chats with every contact Available in our contact list and now there is option available that all messages will disappear automatically on time which you have selected. We can also archive chats, Groups so no one can see your private chat. There is an option available for mute someone chat, if anyone disturbing you or some groups chats are disturbing you then we can use this option and mute their chat so we will not get notification of them and there is option available like 24 hours, 8days, 1 month, and till you unmute, so we can use any of them.

We Can Chat with any of your contact no mater where is he or in which country is they you can have conversation using this app. And for Do Video call no need to spedn money we also have option in this app so we can do video call to anyone from Your Contact. We can talk with your family members using this app in Audio Call feature of this app. We can upload Stories in this app and that story will delete automatically after 24 hours. You have option to hide perticular person or show story to persons you want its totally on us what we select only they can see your story others are not able to see anything uploaded by you in story.

Final Thoughts

GB Whatsapp is amazing app with lots of great features which we do not get in original Whatsapp. So we can download this app very easily from Google and this amazing app is very easy to use and the interface of this app is very user friendly so everyone can understand everything. If you want to chat with your friends and family members with some fabulous features so you must download this app and use it for free for all time. Thank you so much for Reading till here…..

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