What is Garena Free Fire? | Characters in Free Fire

we all know there are so many Battleroyal games available in store but Garena Free Fire is one of the best and popular game of them. Today i will tell u what is Garena Free Fire and how to play Free fire game in mobile phones also tell you History of Garena Free fire. And i will tell u about all characters and Ability of them available in Free fire Game.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is Ultimate Shooting Survival Game available for mobile phones. In this we play with other 49 players and se have to finish them in 10 minutes of pleace to become a winner or survivor. We will be on Remote Island, totally 50 players are there to become winner but every one has to finish another player to become last Survivor, in this we have to stay in safe zone also which we getting small in every 1/2 minutes if we go outside the safe zone than we will be finished slowly because the zone makes our player health low slowly in first zone and it will damage high in last zone so if we want to be last Survivor than we have to stay in zone and we also need to choose right weapon for finish another players. We have to play this by using strategy till you win the match. This game is best for those who has budget devices means smart phones which has 2/3 gb ram this is the perfact game for them. GARENA FREE FIRE orignal form is Survival Shooting, we have to search weapons available in whole map and we have to find best weapon is we want to increase our winning chances than we have to stay in zone for become safe because every zone will give damage and the damage will increase in every zone. Now we have ti find enemies and we have to finish then to become last Survivor and we can loot there create box after finishing enemies. If we want legendary items than we have to go for air drop. After reaching airdrop location the red colour smoke will give uh exect location of air drop if u don’t find and there is gib chance to find your enemies at air drop.

What is Survival Game & Creates

50 players Extreme and Epic survival game for 10 minutes. We have to find and finish other 49 players. It has fast and lite gameplay within 10 minutes new Survivor will emerge. we can play with 4 man squad and also has voice chat for communication with team mates and we can make new friends for best team or join any clan for best experience or some gifts. If anyone of clan member get any premium item than we can also get something but not premium. And we can also purchase some special items, gun skins, premium clothes by purchasing Free Fire currancy. After purchasing currancy of free fire than we have to open some creates to get premium items by spending free fire currancy. We can also purchase Gun skins normal , epic and premium also by spending currancy coins and there is also has option for purchase guns skin or clothes available in special offers or spin ans win we also has to pay for spin and win game, than we can also purchase this all from free fire season pass. And also purchase from create opening but we have to spend coins for open creates.

Characters Available in Free fire

Garena Free Fire has so many own characters for there users. This game has 44 Different characters which has different different abilities by using this character we have advantages in battle. 1st character is Primis this is given by Free Fire for free to everyone. 2nd character is Nulla this one is also given free by team FREE Fire to every user. 3rd character is XAYNE and her ability is extreme encounter andnwe have to purchase it from game using coins. 4th is Dimitri and his super power is Healing Heartbeat we can purchase from the store of app, 5th is NAIRI and his super power is ice iron, 6th is OTHO and his special power is that he is memory misht, 7th one is Leon and his special power is Buzzer beater, 8th is Thiva and his super power is Vital Vibes, 9th is Maro and his ability is that he is falcon Fervor, 10th is D-Bee and his ability is Bullet beast, 11th is Shirdu and his super power is Damage Delivered, 12th is Skyler and his super power is Riptide Rhythm, 13th is CR7 – CHRONO his ability is that he is the time turner, 14th is K and his ability is that he is master of all things, 15th is Wolfrahh his ability is limelight, 16th is Dasha and her ability is parting on, 17th is Luqueta and his special power is Hattrick, 18th is Clu and her ability is tracing steps, 19th is jota his ability is sustain raids, 20th is Kapella and her super power is Healing Song this 20 is main characters of Garena Free Fire and this all are superb for use we can purchase it for sure. And other 20 is also super we can also buy from them.

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