What is Facebook? | History of Facebook

We all using Social media platform and Facebook is one of them and oldest platform. More than 5 billion people’s are using Facebook worldwide and this is the huge amount to reach this level of number of downlodes is almost impossible because there are 8 billion people’s in the world and every second person is using Facebook app is the biggest achivement for team Facebook.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the best social media platform in which we can make new friends and There is also very good things are available for youngsters that they can make friends from overall world and not only friends we can chat and alo do audio and video calling from facebook massenger. Messanger is Application from facebook to let there users chat with eachother and also do video and audio calling from this app. We can also find which of our friends are online now there is and green Dot given if someone is online right now and than we can start doing chats with them. So many people’s make new friends by using Facebook app from different different countries and now they become closer friends too and to many of then also find there life partner from facebook app. Facebook app has 5 billion plus Downloads on Google play Store and in now there is 8 billion population in all over world and every second person is using this app and achive this downlodes score is very difficult and Facebook has achieved this number and also number of downlodes is still growing and it is very good thing for Facebook team. Facebook provides Social Networking service in all over world and this app launch on 28 October 2003 as FaceMash is the name before changing as the Facebook. In Fabruary 4, 2004 this app is known as Facebook and it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, the website membership was founded by students of Harvard University. Facebook is Amarican online social media and social networking services company own by Meta Platform. As the report of 2020 Facebook calmed 2.8 billion monthly active users and this ranked on seventh in Globel internet usage. Face is most downloaded app in 2010 as per report.

How to Use Facebook

We can access Facebook application in free of charge. And company earn there mostly income from advertisement on there website. if you are new user then you can create new profile. After this we have ro upload our facebook profile photo in which we can upload any photo. We can share our any photos and videos in this application and shre with everyone available in facebook app. If we upload group photo than we can also tag that perticular person’s with that photo and it will show in there peoples timeline also so if we have to upload any photo in other people’s time line than we don’t need to do anything just tag that perticular person’s and you photo will show in there time line but if anyone tag us in any photo or video than we have also option to Remove from time line if we don’t want there photo in your time line. We can add any people which are available on Facebook in our friendlist. We have to send them friend request and if they want us as their friend than they will accept our friend request otherwise they will reject it and like this anyone can send friend request to us and if we know them or want to know them than we can accept their friend request otherwise we can also reject their friend request.

There is and option available on Facebook that we can create our own page on facebook as we want and we can invite people to like that page and if someone search the name which is our page name than this will show in their search results and if that person want to join the page as he like than they can join our page and also watch content available on page if we make their page public not private. There is two options available when we upload anything on facebook first we select photo which we want ti upload than we have to give it caption and how you feel while u r capturing that photo or video we have to share thay feelings also means there is an option available for let the world Knows amd let people also get happy with you by you post or video, another option is we can tag anyone in that particular post and that thing will give notification to that person that you have taged them in your post or video, after this there is an option given in final step that is Publish or only me we can select any of them or there is one more option is also there which is Friends of friends in this option only our friends of friends and friends can see that perticular post.

We can now upload Stories in Facebook so people know what we are doing if we upload any photo or video on story. This story has also option for public kr only me and friends of friends options so we can select any of them if we don’t want anyone to watch our story than we can select friend’s of friends or only friends option. We can share our Quotes in facebook and this will be uploaded on our timeline. Best features of Facebook is if our any friend of our friend list has birthday today and we don’t recognise this than no need to worry Facebook will send notification to every their person’s friends that this guy has birthday today so we can wish him. We can also wish them on their timeline.

Final Thoughts

If Someone is sending something rubish or if we don’t want any perticular person than we can also Unfriend then or we can directly block them so they cant send you message or anything on facebook and that people cant even see your profile another time this is good thing available on Facebook. Facebook is biggest social media platform and very easy to use and safty and privacy is also there in facebook app and also provides chats and audio and video call options. So must use this Application

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