What is Dhani app? | How to Use Dhani App

Hello Guys, today we will know about how to get cash/ loan online and which is trusted application and it is very easy to use this application. Today we will know about Dhani Application which is giving load to everyone and this is also giving an their own Dhani One Freedom Card to everyone so lets start with what is Dhani app.

What is Dhani app?

There is so many applications are available now for get loan online and we can get money from this type of application and repay it after sometime. Dhani app is best application from them all because this application giving this feature for everyone. If we are in any financial trouble or need money instant or want to buy something from online and Dont have money than no need to worry Dhani app is here with every solution of your money problems. Everyone can Download this application and get load as they needed. If anyone wants money for any reason than they can look at this Dhani app for their solution. If we want money for buy any item Available on Amazon than we can take loan and pay in installments as the app says and this all depends on amount of loan and we have to repay loan and take loan again and gat more money. First time the app gives INR 500 and the amount will increase as we repay the loan amount on the time which is given by application. This app is available and giving money for all your health and welth needs, than we can use this app for shop now and pay later, this Dhani app is also giving 2% cashback on everything we do by this app. We can do such things by using this application like consult a doctor, we can order the medicine from this app, we can also trade unlimited using this app. This app is very useful for normal life and for our daily usage.

Refer and Earn Money

This application has so many options to give money to people who use this application and now this is an option for Refer and earn in which we can earn money by referring someone to this app amd this application will give you some money and we can earn lots of money buy this Dhani app we can say ours friend to install this application and they have to do simple things as they have to use your refferal code in this app while they are doing signup process. And if your friends take any loan from this application than this application will give you something as reward and refer payment.

How to Use Dhani App

First of all We have to install Dhani app From Google Play Store. This application has more than 50+ million downloads and their users gives 4.2 stars on play store and there is 1 million users who gives their reviews on play store. After downloading the apo we have to signup with mobile number and give permission to this app as they required and now if we have amy refferal code than we have to use this while signup process is in progress. Now we have to do Kyc Update on this app and for this process we have to upload our aadhar card details and pan card details for the complete KYC on application and than we can apply for loan and now we can use starting amount INR 500 and use this money to anywhere or buy anything from online application. If want to increase our credit limit than we have to start with app has given amount which is INR 500 if we want to increase this than we have to repay the amount on the time than the amount will increase at a time and than this process will continue and amount will increase all the time and we can use this all at anywhere we want to use and repay this amount in installments also and all at a time depends on us and we will use this app in emergency time also because it takes only 5 minutes process to pay the money and we can transfer it anywhere. We have to submit our bank details also before get loan approval if we want any loan than we have to give our bank details to this app after verification aproval will come and at last we have to submit our bank statement of last three months and its compulsory for everyone who is using and who want to use it for amy purpose. We can get loan for any purpose and get loan from INR 500 to INR 1,00,000 at a time and also use it anywhere as we want but the bed thing about this application is we cant transfer the loan amount to our bank or in paytm or any other applications we have to use that money from the Dhani app and only this thing is allowed we can use this money for pay home tent, to pay other loans, pay light bills, to the doctor, if we want to buy anything from Amazon, flipkart or from any other application than we can use the loan amount and we compalsary repay the amount between given time this app will give you time of three months in thus time we have to repay loan which we take and we can also pay all instalments in advance bit we have to pay INR 300 every month to this app as charges if we take any loan or not its our problem we have to pay INR 300 evsry month and if we buy item which worth INR 10 thna we have to pay INR 3.5 every month as instalments and INR 300 others as the app says charges to use this application.

Play And Win with Dhani App

We have an amazing Option to earn money with Dhani app we can use Play and win option of dhani app. We just have to play some games and this Dhani application will give us money so we don’t need to take amy loan we can use that winning amount to purchase anything or pay to anywhere as we want. We can not transfer this Winning amount to our bank account or any other application account. we have to use that money from Dhani application and this is very bad thing of Dhani Application.

Dhanj application us very useful in daily life or for Normal usage we can get loan just in five minutes with Dhani App and use it anywhere as we want. Thank you so much for Reading till here…..

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