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Hey guys we all play games in mobile and now season runing of Battleroyal games and today i will tell you anything about COD Mobile and how to play this game, which maps are there and everything about Call of Duty Mobile Game.

What is Call of duty mobile ?

Call Of Duty is pc game and has big craze in its fans now this amazing game is available for everyone in mobile phones. We can play COD MOBILE with friends also in mobile phones. This game has so many modes for users like player vs player amazing mode, Team death match, Classic Multiplayer Mode, Domination Mode, Kill Confirm Mode we can play this all modes in Iconic Maps and great Graphics, Maps like shipment, Raid, Standoff, killhouse, and 100 player Battleroyal all things are packed in one Game Named Call Of Duty Mobile. We can easily Download this game from Playstore for Android and Istore for IOS devices. In this game we can enjoy its amazing Graphics low to ultra graphics. COD Mobile Boasts Console Quality Ultra Hd Gaming with phones, We can Customise control and graphics quality. We have voice and text chat for do conversation with friends or we can guide friends with this easily. GRAPHICS Is Highlights of this game because it has 3D Graphics and Sound. We will experience the most high graphics and best sound game in every modes this is best game in all shooting games available. Game update comes every month with seasonal Update and the season pass change every time and season pass come with lost of things new guns, guns skin, clothes, characters and many more things. Cod mobile release fresh content every season with new game modes, guns, skins, clothes, characters also launch new maps, theme events and gives lost of rewords to there users so the craze can be maintain in users for COD Mobile Game. Call of duty universe expand story line every season and bring new unlockable content for everyone to enjoy the game. Specially me is fan of COD and i have recognise many elements of Call Of Duty like Call Of Duty : Black Ops, Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare, and the elements of Call Of Duty Mobile is totally Changed by team and they create Unique one for COD Mobile.

How to play COD MOBILE

When we start COD Mobile than we will unlock and earn Dozens of iconic Operators, weapons, outfit, scorestreaks, and peaces of gear this all will be use to customise your loadouts and this is allowing you to play as your way. We neet to select perfact weapons for defeat our opponents before they defeat us. We can also upgrade weapons to make them more powerful and also for customise it as we want. We can buy new weapons from the store by using coins. And than we have to customise them and upgrade them to use extra mag, scope and etc. We have so many maps to play in call of duty mobile and now we have to select which of them we want to play now. If you select Battleroyal than we go to Classic Maps in this we can play solo game, we cana also play with 1 friend in Duo mode and we can play with 4 different player or with 4 friends as a 4 man Squad. Now when we enter to map we have to find weapons first of all than for collect emo and etc we have to find Bag and in this there is 3 level bags are available every one has different space to collect items. We also have to collect health kits for healing. After collecting enough items we have to find enemies now and before they finish us we have to finish them. We have to stay in zone otherwise zone will reduce health and every next zone will give damage more than last one so we have to stay in zone and also find enemies and have to finish them using strategy. And now lets talk about other modes available in COD MOBILE so first of all we have Team death match and in this we have lots of maps to play and in all verious maps garphic is unbeatable any other app doesn’t have this much high level graphics and objectives available there. We can feel like we are playing any play station games and if we use VR Box than its feeel like we are playing in Reality.

Whats New in Update?

It is the end now. Soap and vagar modir have traced the dark convent back to the on elast battle in arctic and the last battle of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11. Best thing is here Final Snow : Grab the man – O – War – Serrated shard in the battle pass. And here is the new map called as Icebreaker multiplayer map for use to feel the weather, we will have lots of fun in this new map. New Deals is Here for 12 days to buy new gears. We have to take advantage of this offer available now. Now we have to fight with Zombies with legendary turrets in the new nightmare mode. So now we have to join in this last fight and have to end of the dark covenant. Here is lots of new iten is this this new update and this is the end of season 11 now so big offers are also there for buy everything available in COD Mobile. We get 1 new map which is icebreaker multiplayer map and 2nd is all new Nightmare mode in which we have to fight with Zombies and put them all down.

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