What Is Battleground Mobile India? | New Update | Mirror World and More

Hello Guys Today We Discuss About What Is Battleground Mobile India, Bgmi New Update Which Has New Mirror World and Many More Things Toda i Will Tell you Everything Abut It and also tell full details about Battlegroud Mobile India, so Lets Start…

Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India Is New Battle royal Game Where Five Mode Are Available Now 1st Clasic Mode, 2nd Evoground, 3rd Arena, 4th Arcade, 5th VS AI and Metro Royal Is Also Available. Lets Talk about whats New In this Update, 1st New Mirror World Mode Is here For Every Map Of Clasic Mode. New Piggybank And Many More Things are here for Clasic Mode Improvement and new Royal Pass Is also coming. Battleground Mobile India is very popular Game In India And Specially Made For India After PUBG Ban in India. After 2 Years of Ban PUBG in India Krafton Create This Game For Indians and launch in 1st July 2021. Battleground Mobile India Has big Craze in indians And This Game acchive Lots Of Achievements in 30 days of launch. Now Battleground Mobile India Has 50,000,000+ Downloads In Google Play Store.

Now Lets Talk about Royal Pass, in Continue Royal Pass 5 is Available in Game Everyone Can Now Purchase it Because Price Of Royal Pass Is Now decries To Half. Now Elite Pass Price Is ₹360 And Elite Pass Plus Price Is ₹960 we Get Lots Of Things after Purchasing This Pass. If we purchase Elite Pass than We have to complete all Missions which come very week and If We Complete all of them than we can collect everything from Royal Pass. And if we Purchase Elite Pass Pluss than we get 12RP Increase So We have to Complete Only Some Missions to Collect all Rewards of Royal Pass. New Royal Pass Comes every Month And If We Buy It Once Than We Can Buy It For Every Time only if we have Enough UC and We Collect UC by Completing All Missions.

Modes In BGMI

In BGMI now Six Modes are Available. 1st Classic Mode, 2nd Evogorund, 3rd Arena, 4th Arcade, 5th VS VI, 6th Metro Royal, In contine the New Mirror Mode is Available in Whole Classic Mode. Classic Mode has Six Maps 2 Maps are 8×8 Km Area, Other Maps are 2x2km Area. In Classic Mode best Map Is Erangle, 2nd is Sanhok, 3rd is Miramar, 4th is Livik, 5th is Vikendi, 6th is KArkin. There Is All Type Of Maps are available in this Game. EvoGorund Has 2 Maps, Payload 2.0, Runic Power. In Arena There is 5 Maps Are There, 1st Team Deathmatch, 2nd Arena Training, 3rd Gun Game, 4th Domination, 5th Assault. Now Talk about Arcade Mode, In this Mode Total Three Types Of Map are There 1st Quick Match, 2nd Sniper Training, 3rd War This All Work In Time Period. New VS AI Mode Is only available in one LIVIK Map and It has Three Level Easy, Normal, Hard. Now Metro Combat is One Of the Best Mode for Short time gameplay. In This All Mode we can play with Our Friends In 4 Player Squad, 2 Player Duo, and also Play Single Player Solo Game and if We Finish More Player we earn More Score so If we have to go to top Tier Than We Have to Play like Pro Player….

Shop In BGMI

In BGMI We have to Purchase Clothes, Skins For Guns, Vehicles, and For Every Item We Need UC, We can Purchase Anything with UC. There Is 6 Type Of Create Aare available, 1st is Premium Create, 2nd Battleground Lucky Create, 3rd Battlegrounds Lucky Create, 4th Classic Create, 5th Supply Create, 6th solders Create. From this All we can collect lots of skins of Guns, Lots Of Premium Clothes, Skins for Plane, Cars, Boats, Bikes, Jet Skieys, Bags, Helmets. If We Want to Open 1 Premium Create We have to Spend 60 Uc, If We want to open one Battlegrounds Create than we have to spend 60 UC, For Supply Create We have to spend 300G coins.

Currency of BGMI

In Battleground Mobile India There is Two Type Of Currency is available 1st UC, 2nd AG Currency of Bgmi, If We have To Purchase Some UC Than We Have to Buy It From PlayStore. If we want to Buy 60 Uc than We have to Spend ₹75 and We can Buy Minimum 60 Uc so we have to spend ₹75 for it. And We Can Purchase AG Currency by Spending UC or Completing Missions. We Can Purchase Anything In Battleground Mobile India By spending Uc. We Can also Purchase Some Items With AG Currency.

Characters Available In BGMI

There Is Workshop available in BGMI for Upgrade some Items Like Guns, Vehicle, Pets, We can Also Purchase Some characters from it. there is Five characters are now available in Game. 1st vector, 2nd sara, 3rd Carlo, 4th anna And Most Expansive Is Andy. There Is Two Characters are Most Expensive First is Andy and Second Is Carlo. Anna Is New And latest Character We can Buy Any character with UC And With character coupens Which is Available after completing some missions. Carlo Characters Worth 1200 UC, Andy also Worth Same And Sara and Anna Worth 800 UC.

We also have Some Champions In Bgmi We can also Purchase Them. NOw New Champion Is available Name is Poro We Have to Purchase It with 1500 Uc, 2nd Champion Is Buddy Godzilla We Cna Also Purchase It In Spin and Win Mode By Spending Lots of UC, Anothe Is Buddy Kingkong We can Purchase it with same Process, And Last Is flacon Is Bird and it Worth 1500 UC and than We have to level it up by spending other UC.

So Guys Battleground Mobile India is Very Populer Game in World and it has So many palyers to Play. and it Organize some tournamnets and than they Also give Big revords to Winners. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner….

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