What is Amazon App? | How to use Amazon App

Hey Guys, We all do online shopping from online stores. In now time there is so many Online Shopping Stores Are available and Amazon is Best of them all We can buy anything from this app and we will get some discount while shopping on Amazon app and Amazon prime Video is the best pletform for streaming movies and tv shows online in any device. So now lets know what if Amazon App?

What Is Amazon App?

There is so many of online shopping application are there and Amazon is best of them all apps. We want best quality items and Amazon is providing to over world. There is everything available in this apl for everyone. Every user can buy any item from this all and also Cash on Delivery option are there so we can pay when we collect the item or if we want to pay online then also there is so many options are available for online payment. We can use cradit card, debit card, Google pay, phonepe, Bhim Upi or Amazon app has their own Online Payment application Amazon Pay we can also use this all applications and there is so many of offers are available for evry payment type we can apply any of them and get discount on every item.

There is so many Categories are available for online Shopping. Amazon is online Shop which is Providing each and every item in low rate to their users. Amazon app is Released on December 12, 2014 and this app has 100,000,000 plus Downloads on Google Play Store. There is more than 7 million users gives their reviews and gives 4.2 star rating to this amazing online shopping app on Play Store. There is everything is available for their users and every user will get their favourite and items which they want to purchase on Amazon. This is all in one app from which we can purchase any item, pay bills, do money transfer, We can do Upi transfer and also Order Groceries online from this app.

How to Use Amazon App

So First of all we have to download and install Amazon app from Google Play Store or any app store in your device. Now open app and create Account For free by using your mobile number and email id. Enter your E-mail id or mobile and verify with OTP and then enter your Password which you want to create and then do complete signup. After this you will Enter in Application And now enjoy Simple and Cool Interface fo this app. Now there is lots of categories available for online Shopping. Select category of item you want to purchase than look at that item. Bets feature is we can search item name and it will shows all results of that and we can choose any of them and add to cart for buy later or add any perticular item in wish list which you want to buy later.

How to Buy Any Item from Amazon App

Create account with mobile number then search item you want to buy in search box app will show all the results of you search then select any of them and you can select multiple items at a time if you buy clothes, shoes, Fashion item then select your size. If you select mobile, tablet, laptop then select their varients which you want. As this all options are there for you for all categories and we can also apply some filters in every item which you search filters like Pay on delivery, Select Colour for your items, we can select brands as we want, we can list items as customers reviews, select new arrivals items, item condition, Select Price range, choose best Deals, Choose Discount items, We can select Sellers also, also check item is available or not this all Amazing Features are available in filter feature.

Payment options In Amazon App

After selecting item which you want to buy click on buy now option given there then select your address, enter your address on which you want to deliver this item, give proper address to get diliver item on time. Now lets select payment options available there but before this we have to check deals Available on item and select any best deal then we can apply any offer for get discount. There is so many offer available for purchase any item using credit card. There is exchange offers are available for Electronic items and we can apply and get instant discount. We can also Apply for EMI and for this we need Bajaj Finance card or any credit card so we will buy any item on instalments and it is very amazing thing and there is so many options are available for do payment we can do payment using credit card, debit card. We can pay using any online payment application like Google pay, Phonepe, Bhim Upi and for online payment Amazon app has thir own app for do secure and safe payment which is Amazon Pay, we can aslo pay with Net banking. For every item we get Cash on Delivery option so we can pay when item delivered to your address.

Cancellation policy of Amazon App

In some applications if we place any order than we can not cancel it but in this amazing app we can cancel order anytime. Amazon app has policy if we place order for any item and we have fo cancel it then we can do cancel order easily within 24 hours in app. If we buy multiple item but we want to cancel any one of them than also we can cancel that perticular item for one item we no need to cancel whole order and this is very amazing feature of this app. We can cancel order when it delivered to your location at that time also we can cancel the order if there is cash on delivery option. If we pay order amount online and than we want to cancel the order then also no need to worry we can do cancel order and the money will be return in your Amazon pay account instantly or with in 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

So this Amazon app is very amazing for online shopping they have each and every item in stock and they are deliver that items in over world and with in Week. We can filter all item Available in this app and this app has best cancellation policy and exchange policy for thier users. So many options for payment and get discount on every item or get cashback instantly. Amazon is trusted and safe application which provides evey item to everyone wants and item delivered with in Week to your location. This application is available on Google Play Store so everyone can download from there. Thank you so much for Reading till here….

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