Top United States Cat Breed That Love Water

Although it may not be the norm, there are more cat breeds than you might imagine that enjoy the water.

They are the big cats in the wild who frequently swim or bathe in rivers to cool off, it shouldn’t be surprising that most domestic cats don’t do the same. This is presumably because we haven’t exposed them to water. You’ve probably observed that your cat is fascinated by water even if they don’t like to get wet because they aren’t used to being submerged. Most cats find it difficult to resist fresh flowing water, whether they are dipping their claws into a pet water fountain or playing with the kitchen faucet.

1. Bengal Cat

They are most certainly aren’t your typical cat. The Bengal is a brave, friendly, lively, affectionate, and adventure-loving dog who will gladly harness up and go hiking with its owners.

The very curious temperament of Bengals extends to the water, and it’s not uncommon to see these entertaining furkids joining their pet parents on a kayak or boat. The Bengals may have a wild side, but they’re also lovely and caring. These cats enjoy swimming, so don’t be shocked if they attempt to join you in the tub or dive right in next to you in your pool. But it’s important to keep in mind that Bengal cats have a high prey drive and won’t hesitate to stick their paw in an aquarium.

2. Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a kind, gentle cat that is typically reserved around strangers but loving and sociable around those they are familiar with. This breed enjoys socializing with its owners and is calm enough to live comfortably with kids. They are the evolved water-resistant topcoats and thick, woolly undercoats to keep warm while out on the chilly, stormy seas.

They adore the water and will take advantage of any chance to submerge themselves. If you’re an avid fisherman, this could very well be the place for you because they have even been known to hunt and capture fish.

3. Turkish Angora Cat

The Turkish Angora, a relative of the Turkish Van, is a charming breed that develops close relationships with its owner’s thanks to its kitten-like playfulness that lasts long into old age.
The Turkish Angora cat, if you choose to adopt one into your home, is renowned for its stunning, silky coat that takes on a glittering aspect when it moves. It also has a petite build and a delicately boned face.

They are strong swimmers due to their agile bodies, and since they are quite intelligent and love to teach themselves new skills, there is a good probability that they will rapidly learn how to turn the faucets on and off.

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