Top Popular Dog Breed With the Best Sense of Smell Found in World

As We all known that human have a good sense of smell but dog having powerful sense of smell that are helpful for them for their safety and this quality of this breed of dog widely used as military dog.

1. Coonhound Dog

This kind of dog breed known as Coonhound dog breed with high sense of smell affecting nose with strong muscle bodies. They are having a good quality of sense by nose in hot and cold atmosphere. This breed of dog found mostly in black, brown color apprearence.

2. Belgian Malinois Dog

This breed is famous as rescue dog and widely used by military force for military dog. They are having unidentified quality like they can smell of cancer, explosive stuff and other things that’s needed to smell as military dog.

3. Basset Hound Dog

This kind of breed known as basset hound because they are low to ground by their body structure and they are having heavy ears and having a sense of smell far from away. They included in category of smelling blood in second position. This dog are cute and sweet nature.

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