Top Most Famous Dog breed Used For Bear Hunting

This kind of dog breed used widely because bear hunting is not easy task so it need brave, intelligent and strength for battle. Bear hunting is risky thing to handle by only human so this dog breed help a lot for hunting of bear. Below listed list of dog breed generally take a part in bear hunting.

1. Caucasion Shepherd

This breed is originated from Russia by Russians they create this type of breed in dog for bear hunting. They are coated with long thick coat for protection and it’s massive dog breed. Caucasion shepherd dog breed are having genetic quality for protection against bear and they are best protector.

2. Siberian Laika

This breed name was found by their native place of stay in west side that’s why they are known as Siberian Laika dog breed. They are brave and abundant by their inner nature sprite. They are more look like husky breed by face structure with that also having good sense of smell by their great nose and good hunting instincts in their quality of life.

3. Karelian bear dog

They are best in hunting of bear and from the many years they are populated for hunting of bear to always protect mankind and other animals. They are having unique quality for hunting because this breed are speedy by run, brave, smart and aggressive toward battle.

4. Coonhound Dog

Coonhound dog breed also belong to category of best bear hunting dog breed. They are great in scent ability and prey drive in the wild situation. This breed are so smart and excellent for hunting.

5. Akita Dog

This akita breed is Japanese breed because their attire is charming and beautiful and to innocent by face and with nature. They are protective towards humans and responsive. alert, sniff well for hunting. Japan people use this breed for wade off bears from their farms and field area for safety purpose.

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