Top Most Demanding Dog Breed In India

To begin with, Now days there demand dog breeds increasing in India due to most people wanting a dog as a pet or as a foreign breed they are attracted to them and want them as part of their family. So, there is lot variety of dogs found around the world but in India, there are few dog breeds that take place in the heart of the human of India love to adopt them with their different quality and characteristic.

Let’s move to this further talk about demanding dog breed that’s rank first in list of top most dog breed that first in india for dog adoption for their home.

1. German Shepherd

This dog breed is famous for their availability and there are no one that’s not familiar with this dog. They are brave and strong by body and with this they have features like they are over protective and loyal to their owner in all way for their home.

German shepherd is famous one breed of dog due to so many reason like they are the one dog that widely popular as working dog breed with this they are rescue dog and used in military as police dog due to their smart brain and athleticism is good than other breed. They like to do mental stimulation for their better mental health and exercise for physical health. This kind of dog easily going with owner with value of training that given to them for their better growth.

2. Beagle Dog

This type of dog breed is fun going dog with highest bust of energy makes them active throughout the day time for playing and for adventurous activity. They are hound dogs with sensitive sense for smelling by their nose and they are not fond of the walking because they are not used to be for walking they need few stop to reach for their destination.

This beagle dog are stubborn some time with things they want to do but also if they are treated well with proper guidance they can be good dog with accepting all command.

3. Golden Retriever Dog

This dog breed is most popular and demanding in india because they are friendly by nature with loving behaviour towards their people. They are sociable due to they love to be around the people they don’t like silence around them.


They are good the one who with friendship by being loyal and lovable and with this they used for hunting. They are the one who want daily basis exercise and busy their selves in the different kind of activity that entertain them and keep them busy during a time.

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