Top Dumbest Cat Breeds Found in the World

First of all let me just introduce the term about dumbest cat breed found in the world. This definition is about intelligence and smartness that less in this cat breed that’s belong to dumbest cat breed category. This is about that cat don’t like to care about human choices and their perspective of living. This things makes stupid but they are not stupid but they like to be their selves. In this you know about this cat breed that’s known as dumbest cat.

1. Exotic Shorthair Cat

This type of cat breed involved in the dumbest cat breed category because they having lack of intelligence. This exotic cat are similar to Persian category of cat breed. They are cute by their face look but they are not smart as compare to other breed. Exotic shorthair cat are caring to their selves and they are not involve in talkative type of cat. This breed follow her leader when they are love them and respect them a lot.

2. Birman Cat

Birman cat popularly known for dumbest cat because they does not having intelligence. This breed of cat are known for their friendly behavior and also for best cat breed as pet. They can stuck themselves in different things like in furniture and else in car that proves as dumbest cat breed. This breed is like to travel and to walk with their owner.

3. Serengeti Cat

This cat also known by bengal cat because they have characteristics of bengal cat and they are dumbest cat. The serengeti cat like to run a lot in houses and in garden. This breed of cat are spotted with black color tone on body and their behavior is matching to other breed like oriental shorthair cat. They popularly known as smart cat but this breed is moderate breed by their intelligence.

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