Top Breed Of Dog For House Protection In United States

To begin with, There are major ratio for the family who interested to adopt a pet as dog they are look forward for that kind of breed that protect themselves and family from outsider people. This kind of dog are basically known for Guard dog breed that having a capability to protect their love once.

In this kind of dog breed having a high sense of loyalty towards their family they protect them with being high active during when no one at home. They are desirable breed for most of people that want fearless and loyal dog breed with proper training for their better life. So, there are top choice that’s fit in this guard dog list that use for house protection.

1. Belgian Malinois

This category of dog breed indulge as intense. muscular and athletic breed most suitable for the organization like police and military kind of job with their high and active energy that’s required most in this field for dog breed.

They are the one of the popular one dog breed as guard dog in united states with involved as herding group and with this they are easily going with their training that encourage them with proper maintenance of their life.

2. Akita Dog

This breed of dog is one among as loyal and strong breed with their past history prove them one of the courageous breed.

They are working group of dog breed that always keep an eye on you and your family to be always available for protection. They are having a thick coat with double layer of black, red and different color that enhance their beauty and they are the one who get angry easily but with proper direction of training help to overcome their weakness and go a head with better improvement of their life growth.

So, there are more breed that involve in this category but this two are one of the major breed of dog that used in high proportion as guard or protective dog for house of the united states by their community.

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