Top 5 Most Favourite Cats Breeds in India

First of all starting with cats as pets are second most famous in pet category in india. In recent survey analysis shown 20% people owns a cat as pets. cats are really joyfull, sweet,cute with innocence and playfull in nature. For adopting a cat as pet are very great innociative for human that taking responsibilty for cat as their family member. So for that right information about cat are necessary for adoption. Here, u get all information for cats breeds in india.

1. Billy (Indian spotted cat)

This type of cats are available in india’s street and wellknown as billi. They are affectionate cat breed by persons for their unsual beauty.

Indian billi are mediun in size having strong rectangular frame with muscle and bones. Billy are sweet, friendly with human with human behaviour towards them. Their apperance of body are dark skin tone with spots all over the body. In that female cat are most beautifull by their grace and colour. Most of cats are various in colur and size.

Height: 35-40 cm

Weight: 6- 8 kgs

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Coat size: Short

Playfulness: High level

Activity Level: Active

2. Maine coon cat

Maine coon cats are mostly found as domesticated cat and served as barn cats. They are natural breed as cat and having similar type of apperance of Norwegian forest cat. Maine coon cats are so friendly with human and body structure are really compact for hunting.

They are medium to large with muscular body, chest and with legs and various in colour skin tone like cream, white and grey. They are having fur like pattern all over body. Maine coon cats are loyal to their gurdians and joyfull in nature.They have characteristics like below,

Height: 22-40 cm

Weight: 4-10 kg

Lifespan: 7 – 13 years

Activity Level: Active

Shedding Amount: Frequent

3. Persian cat

Persian cats are prasied for their beauty and calm behaviour. sweet face, flowing coat and for their long elegant hair. They are found first in persia from that they are known as Persian cats.

Their body structure are round head with short face, rounded ears with snoby shape of nose with chubby cheeks. Persian cats having tone beige,white,grey,brown like various colur for body apperance.

Scientific name: Felis catus

Height: 8 – 15 inches

Weight: 3 – 5 pounds

Lifespan: 10 – 15 years

Activity Level: Calm

Shedding Amount: Frequent amount

Playfulness: Medium level

Coat Length: Long

4. Bombay cat

Bombay cats are also known as miniature panthers for their size are short. They are good lap cat as pets. Bombay cat are joyfull in nature and playfull to kids.

They are strong physically for jumping and their body are medium sized well muscle cat with short in height and sleek.

Height: 25-35 cm 

Weight: 2 – 5 kg

Lifespan: 7 – 15 years

Activity : Active level

Playfulness: High

5. American bobtail cat

They are domesticated cat and playfull by nature with graceness. They are sweet, affectionate and apaptable for pet for homes.

They are noticable for their short tail and short and long hair fur formation on body. This type of cat are lovable to stranger and playfull to oweners. They are fluffy by body structure and having round face cut with round eye and ears. They are various in colour combination and patterns.

Height: 20-25 cm

Weight: 2 – 5 kg

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Activity Level: Calm

Coat Length: Short, Long in size

Playfulness: Medium

Top 5 Most Favourite Cats Breeds in India

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