Things You May Not Known About Indian Army Dog Breed in India

Most powerfull dog breed involved in the military force in india. Army dog is internal part of army force but their silent service toward force is unexpectable to service that nation should know how they bravely lead towards clue and fight like solidier.

In this process the relationship between soldier and dog is old and powerfull by their precious bond.

There is few things that should known facts about military dog found in india so let’s start with the first thing.

  1. There is proper training for them to fight and for the intelligence like solider training.
  2. Army force has 1200 trained army dog by their ranking.
  3. They also trained for the military specific hand gestures and verbal order for high authority.
  4. This type of dog breed are army dog breed that not involved in ordinary pets and for that they also awarded with shaurya chakra and other kind of commendation card is not enough for their value but it’s given by nation and they achieve lot’s respect for their work.
  5. One of the interesting thing is that when they are trained for army dog they also coached commands that require their barks to control according to the situation.

6. They also participated in republic day parade as army squard dog.

7. The mostly prefer dog breed for army dog squard are the German shepherd and Labrador because they have ability to perform the any tasks by the military force.

8. This dog breed are retire as solider from service they are euthanized because army find that it’s expensive for maintain and care of this dog breed in india.

9. They also retire from service last as 7-10 years.

10. Army dog are really loyal to the nation and helpfull in many way and that’s proudest thing for nation.

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