The Top One Cat Breed Love To Eat Food

There are some kind of cat that are not love to eat much usually on day but there are opposite side to this that’s there is cat that love to eat much than usual this breed enjoy their food.

This cat breed also known as fat cat because end of the day they are going fat eating a lot’s of food that can become problem for their lifestyle. This kind of cat love to eat the delicious food and with this they put out much weight that harmful for them. This breed is look so fatty and cute by body structure so they are in demand in pet world for cat lover to adopt them for their home.

1. Chausie cat

They are unique by nature with their large body appearance that enhance them very well than other cat breed. They are gorgeous cat breed that weigh around 15-20 pound. This cat breed considered healthy as pet for adoption and love to be around people.

They are high in level of activity for play but the main issue they eat much that’s the reason they are feeded much that’s the problem for health of fat cat breed.

2. Savannah cat

This kind of fat cat breed is involve as one of the best breed for fatty breed due to obesity. This cat not much eat need of good meal that helpful for healthy cat breed necessity. They are largest cat breed so with this they feeded much according to body but it’s high in risk for them.

They are always feed in proportion size of food for their good health with nutritional thing in meal so they will be happy and healthy.

3. Persian cat

This cat breed is also involve them as fat cat breed for love to food they are small baby so owner love to feed them for their better growth but that’s not needed because they have eat the food in proper for healthy life that’s advice taken by vet.

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