The Top Best Cat Breed Found In Korea

As per the past records of history it was found that korea doesn’t have many kind of cat breed viability that period of time because that time people don’t love much the cat breed so korea doesn’t have much korean cat.

To begin with, Native korean cat breed having a major types of cat breed like first one is the main Korean cat breed and other one is kind of similar to bobtail cat known as Korean bobtail cat. This kind of breed is basically equivalent of America and philippine cat variety that main features is short hair on body. This kind of breed is famous for his origin and popularity in korea.

1. Korean shorthair cat

This breed is kind of mixed breed that are hybrid of unknown cat breed and this breed is belong to korea from thousand years ago. They are most famously known as koshot cat as per the korean word that gives domestic cat as mixed cat breed.

The koshot cat imported from the many region of korea and also proof that they are also from rural area of korea. This kind of cat breed visible in different activity like art, pottery and some tradition culture play. They are larger by body and having a long round up face with big eyes.

2. Korean Bobtail cat

This breed having unique features that they are exist not from many years ago and recently they are particular in availability in korea. This breed of cat doesn’t have much information regarding their availability and their origin so it’s difficult to know them properly by korean government and they don’t have much proof regarding this breed belong to them only.

So, this kind of bobtail cat also found in large number in japan as Japanese bobtail cat and this affect much but not much.

This much information describe the primary type of cat breed only belong to korea and they are the most top best korean cat or native cat of korea.

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