The Popular One Dog Breed In United States

To heading this conversation about the top one dog breed that’s taken place in popular dog in united states that’s depend upon the survey that carried out the investigation for top most popular among the dog breed that which breed takes a place in popular category of dog breed of united states by American kennel club.

Nowadays, In united states the most famous one is Labrador retriever that’s take first place in this race but the second place taken by the French bulldog that’s on the number second position and in this list more number of dog breed involved as popular dog.

1. Labrador Retriever

They are the one who involve as first rank for popularity and this breed is family friendly and love to do fun activity in homes.

Labrador retriever is smart by their appearance and also intelligent breed and they are the one of the desirable breed by people who want gentle giant that help them a lot with their training that most used as for rescue dog and this breed is love for children.

2. German Shepherd

This dog is love for the pet lover who want a dog that intelligent by their brain and strong enough by their body makes them hard working breed and love to be part of outdoor activity that engage them with lot of mental and physical stimulation that improve their stamina for better growth.

These breed of dog are widely used in the military and in police service that’s helpful in the service organization.

3. French Bulldog

This kind of breed that gained so much love by community that’s make them popular in dog breed due to their happy and smiley face structure attract everyone attention towards them and with this they are easily going and best for the apartment.

They love to be around the humans and also attention sicker they love to play and run on street with this they are must best puppy in united states.

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