The Most Intelligent Non-Shedding Dog Breed in the World

All people wanted intelligence in dog because they wanted their dog to listen their commands that impress them with smartness. There are few dog breed involve in this category and this type of dog are really intelligent and eye catching to other peoples. There are list below showing intelligent dog breed that found in this world.

1. Papillon

You all are curious why they are known by this name because they having one characteristic that their ears are in butterfly shape so they known as “Papillon”. They are having single coated with longer fur coat on body. This type of breed are sweet, cheerfull and enjoy the company with owner.

Papillion grooming is easy task and they are having polite attitude that’s the reason they are taking command and follow that.

2. Australian cattle dog

As per their name they are basically from Australia and they are small as compare to other but they are very useful in country beef industry. Australian cattle dog having inner quality that they are made for the challenges and always tried hard for their duty. They are best partner for human and also very smart and organized by their nature. This type of dog breed having 12-35 year of life span.

3. Miniature Schnauzer dog

This type of breed having one unique property that they can learn any command after explaining them for five to ten times. This dog are double coated by layer and small dog with looking worldly. Miniature schnauzer having a thick eyebrow with facial hair on body.

Their grooming takes a time because there is one condition that they need brushing on daily basis.

4. English springer spinal dog

This breed is obedient and playful by nature and they are involved in top rank for their intelligence. This dog having green color eye and beautiful structure they are having and known for their intelligence. This breed are live long life approximately around 10-15 years.

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