The Major Cat Breed Used For Senior Citizen

In this period of time of age senior citizen need one friend as a pet. They feel alone in this stage of life and be lonely without family. So, that’s the main reason older people need one companion for their life to complete the place of their life with full of laugh,fun and by love they require more in this stage of life.

So, senior citizen looking for a pet that are friendly to them and not need much care by them and furry friend that loyal to them. That’s why mischievous cat are not perfect for them but there are some different type of cat breed that’s most perfect choice to older people for their love. In the survey it found out that animals are calmer and fun to play with and so loyal to owner.

There are variants types of breed that are available for this purpose and with that they have a unique features like they are calm by nature and so friendly to mankind and so affectionate to humans.

To begin with the first category of cat breed widely use as pet for senior citizen that indulge very well with them.

1. American Curl Cat

To start with survey of International cat association have proved that this breed of cat are so attached to human being and that’s bond are unbreakable and that’s the main reason this breed is so famous by people for as pet.

This breed is look different then other due to the uniqueness of ear because ears which curl up with standing position. This cat are medium sized cat breed and involved in intelligent cat breed category with cute and adorable by their color of the body.

American curl cat are this breed that easily make friends and easily get their involved with other cat breed.

2. Bombay cat

This kind of cat breed is great company to the human because of their quality to being social and adorable with their love to owner.

Bombay cat is best cat for partner to older people due to their nature is calm so they doesn’t require attention toward them all time and with this quality they can being so gentle in their life and lovable. This kind of breed is attract people toward them by velvety coat on body and they short and cute by personality and major one is stick so close to their love once in their home.

3. British shorthair cat

This cat breed is small version than the American cat breed and this breed is much more friendly by nature and they are not indulge their self as lap cat but they love to be with their owner.

This cat breed is engage in the largest charity for older people by united kingdom and for all the pet lover that love the cat as pet of their home. This breed is famous for their personality and for their easy kind of attitude towards their care session. So, this cat breed is easy going cat as pet for uk people in their sixty age of period and they can easily relax and love them.

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