The Best Cat Breed Famous In United States

To begin with, it’s first question is that how can it decided that which kind of cat breed is most popular or demand in the world.

So, with the help of Cat fanciers association decide the most famous cat breed with the different kind of survey help to do this final choice for best cat breed in united states. So, there is variant type of cat breed that include in this category; with that we gonna see who is the first in this list.

1. Exotic shorthair cat

This breed is so famous and most one in first rank with knocking off the other cat breed this cat takes place as popular cat breed.

Exotic shorthair cat breed is having a best quality and features that attract people toward them like they are short in size with this they are coated with dense kind of color with some touch of personality like persian cat. This breed is hybrid of persian and american shorthair cat breed.

They are sweet by nature and playful to the owner and with this most quality is loyalty towards mankind.

2. Maine coon cat

This breed is known for intelligence and smartness. This kind of breed is belong to north america with the tag of oldest breed of cat. Maine coon cat having a fluffy coat around body with this feature it also includes rugged body appearance.

This cat breed is gentle by nature with much friendly behaviour toward human and other activity. They are energetic in all activity and highly understand the command during training for their better development as pet in home.

3. Scottish fold cat

This breed is easy going with intelligence cat breed with feature of folded ear with small rounded face with majorly in brown and grey in color. They are loving and friendly with people and also most found as pet in home with playful nature.

Scottish fold cat is also called much because of their sweet and cute sound and meows heard sweet to people.

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