The best cat breed as Travel Companions

There are a different kind of animal found in the world but some kind of species of animal that’s friendly to travel around the world.

So, in this article we are discussing about the cat that’s not a fond of travelling but there are some kind of breed that are best as travel partner with their owner without any difficulty while travelling via different medium for transportation. This breed of cat are more a calm breed that enjoy their trip or travel with their partner and being best pet for them as feline lover.

There are information regarding this breed that travel friendly as cat that share a grate journey by enjoying the journey being relaxed and confident to accept the new environment and easily adjust in to this situation than other breed; with this they can make a good friends in train and enjoy their company while travelling and this breed is lovable to mankind.

There are main three kind of cat that’s best as travel friendly cat to their owner with different personality attract by people in their pet.

1. Chantily cat

This kind of cat is really different than usual breed like siamese and himalayan cat. This cat breed is best for travelling because they are calm by nature and easygoing in all way by their behaviour.

This cat are also known as Tiffany cat that’s not much for high maintenance for daily basis but they need one day in week for their grooming like to comb their hair of their coat of the body and with this they are low maintenance with other things and healthy breed as pet.

2. Pixie Bob cat

This cat is different by their name and they are same with their look because they are having little wild coat so known as wildcat and they are easy going with their training and with this they follow order easily and love their family and passionate for travelling with them. This kind of breed is kind of weird combo of dog and cat that’s can fetch easily and climb very well on wall or tracking.

3. Chartreux cat

They are medium sized breed with blue or gray by their color tone of the body with furry cat. This cat is gentle by nature with the 10-14 weigh in male and female are half of the male weight.

Chartreux cat are known for tolerating travel cat due to travelling and easy going with the children they are mixed with them by their love and care.

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