The Affectionate & Friendly Nature Cat Breed Found in the World

As many of the people have a question that cat are in the friendly nature and they are affectionate toward humans but their is some kind of cat that really love human and be with them as friend with selfless friendly nature.

Their is so many question for cat as pet they are affectionate like dogs but they are not less than them also. Some kind of cat breed proves this things true by their open side towards mankind or to their owners. With this you can definitely come true this by adopting them and giving them a time to be with you as friend and this will be proof by their love and this bring you to tell others that feline cat can be good friend in life.

So, starting with this there are many kind of cat that’s take place as friendly cat by many research carried to prove this and there is the first one is persian cat breed.

1. Persian cat

This cat breed is fluffy one cat involved in cat category with first as fluffy kitten in feline world and most popular one cat breed.

Persian cat having a different kind of quality like they are friendly and relaxed breed because they can patiently wait for their owner or loved once sitting on floor and love them as sitting front of them during their work. This kind of breed is able to manage to steal your heart with looking at your side with their cute face and pretty eye.

They are known as lap cat and small baby cat.

2. Chartreux cat

This cat breed is also calm by nature and not much messy and loud by voice but they are happy to wait for their owner and this breed is best in behaviour as cat. Chartreux cat breed are friendly by as partner or else as companion and they can easily mix with human family.

This cat breed is being quiet when they don’t feel good so by this you can easily find out what’s going wrong with their health. But overall this breed is best one as friendly cat with all good quality of good friend.

3. Mine coon cat

This breed is famous as name of gentle giant because they are most gentle as cat among other cat breed. This breed of cat manage all the proper balance toward as loyal and friendly by nature.

This maine coon cat breed is love to cuddle and be always chasing behind the mice to show their skill of chasing and intelligent by mind and solve many puzzle and activity of mental challenge. This cat are lovely and attracted by human with their personality.

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