OYO IPO Listing Date and Today’s GMP & Review

OYO Rooms, founded in 2013 by Ritesh Aggarwal, has grown to become a global brand. When it comes to the company’s top role, OYO Rooms is more commonly referred to as OYO Hotels and Homes. It provides affordable lodging as well as meeting space. OYO is one of the major platforms that has utilised cutting-edge technology to enhance the global hospitality industry.

As a result, short-stay facilities for customers with accommodation space have been introduced in our country since 2012. Furthermore, there is a unique business strategy that has assisted in connecting all small-scale as well as larger-scale hotels, restrooms, and other hospitality assets. As a result, the general people can find affordable lodging for their short stays.

Ritesh Agarwal founded the country’s largest hotel booking chain in 2012. Oravel Stays was the name of the company at the time, and it allowed people to book hotels online. OYO was first supported by venture nursery money. OYO Rooms is looking to grow into China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. When the OYO was first introduced, it mostly consisted of affordable hotels; however, today, hotels and rooms are accessible for vacation in many nations including Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and America. The company has grown fast over the world.
SoftBank is the company’s largest shareholder by 2030. The worldwide short-term accommodation market will have grown dramatically.

OYO Hotels & Homes, India’s largest hotel booking startup, has filed a draught prospectus with market regulator SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) for an IPO of roughly Rs 8,430 crores. The company is planning an initial public offering to garner Rs 8,430 crore (IPO). An offer for sale will be made to sell shares worth Rs. 1430 crores in this IPO. OYO Rooms’ initial public offering will be listed on the NSE and BSE. Although the price range, issue size, and lot size have not been formally announced. OYO is the third most valuable startup in India, according to reports. Soft Bank owns 46 percent of the company, while the rest is owned by the founder, according to India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

OYO IPO Date 2022

So, if you’re looking for the OYO IPO Date & Share Price, read the information on our page. According to the most recent update, SEBI also publishes draught papers with fields in the relevant details. Following that, it is critical to understand OYO IPO GMP Valuation Analysis, which has provided them with more information. \ As a result, consumers who are considering investing in the stock market can double-check the details before proceeding. Furthermore, they are aware that the corporation has launched an Initial Public Offering. A big number of young people under the age of forty have become interested in stock marketing. A greater number of people have benefited from the share industry.

OYO IPO Listing Date & Price Band

 IPO Open: July,2022
 IPO Close:August,2022
 IPO Size:₹8430 Crores
 Fresh Issue:7000 crores
 Offer for Sale: Approx ₹1430 Crores
 Face Value: ₹10 Per Equity Share
 Price Band:  to ₹- Per Share
 Listing on: BSE & NSE
 Retail Quota: 10%
 QIB Quota:

OYO IPO GMP Date 2022

However, this business has also introduced a relatively short time frame for success. Furthermore, this has an impact on the entire risk of investing because losses might occur, and these can be life-changing experiences. Now study the information regarding OYO IPO Share Price, which will provide you some insight into these specific OYO shares.

Furthermore, there has been a surge in the demand for OYO GMP Valuation Analysis among citizens looking for the preliminary state. So, if you’re interested in joining the race for domestic technology to be listed on the Indian stock exchange.

OYO IPO Market Lot & Size

The OYO IPO minimum market lot is – shares with ₹- application amount. The retail investors can apply up-to Approx 10 lots, – shares with ₹- application amount.

 Minimum Lot Size:Minimum – Shares for 1 lot
 Minimum Amount:₹- for 1 lot
 Maximum Lot Size:Maximum – Shares for 10 lot
 Maximum Amount:₹- for 10 lot

Major Advantages and Risks of the OYO IPO

  • To begin, this has a whole stack that utilises a technology platform.
  • There is the largest footprint of hotel shops in India and Southeast Asia.
  • Furthermore, there are two flagships that are under patronage, namely Co-OYO and OYO Os.
  • According to RedSeer, which has the second-largest footprint in Europe. So this will be in terms of full-stack home storefronts for the short-stay gamers’ housing.
  • Nowadays, the profit has improved for unit economics, which is based on contribution measurement. As a result, it has increased from 5.1 percent in 2020 to 18.4 percent in 2021.
  • As a result of the risk linked with the OYO IPO, Covid19 has impacted this firm as well.
  • Because people must remain in their homes. The travel industry has also suffered as a result of this.
  • Furthermore, as in previous years, the business’s operating activities generate negative cash flows.
  • Since its inception, the company has sustained losses that have accumulated year after year.
  • Furthermore, company has a significant amount of debt from the previous year.
  • As a result, there are numerous factors linked with this industry.

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