Most Popular Smallest Dog Breed in the World

Smallest type of dog breed found overall in the world very cute and attractive to humans. There are so many type of breed that’s smaller that belongs to smallest dog breed. They are too adorable to watch and to play with them are making everyday so great day. That’s the reason for their love towards humans.

1. Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian are the center of the attraction toward humans. This breed are makes a really strong bond of emotion to humans and loving by nature.

Pomeranian dog breed are turned medium sized to small in size by years of breeding that’s turn this type of breed in pomeranian dog breed found in the all over the world.

2. Maltese

They are also known as toy dog breed by their small size. Pomeranian dog breed having 5-9 inches in height and having 3-5 lbs average weight. This type of breed found mostly north-west poland and north-east germany in europe region.

Maltese is a breed of dog that involved in the group of toy and they are basically originated from south europe region. This type of dog breed are hypoallergenic and sweet tempered in nature. Maltese are found mostly in white color body appearance.

Maltese dog breed playfull, easy going with human and intelligent with fearless mind. This dog breed are lively by living life docile and fearless. Maltese dog are having 12-16 year life long and height vary with male and female in that male having 22-25 cm height and weight is 3-5 kg and female having 20-24 cm height with that 2-4 kg weight.

They having long fur coat on body and they are unique with their different style of hair cut.

3. Caveliar King Charles Spaniel

This dog breed are originated from the region of united kingdom. Caveliar king charles spaniel are suitable as lapdog and as companion dog. This type of breed playfull and attracted with human by their loving behavior. Cavelier dog breed interact with small children and elder people and also with that feature they doesn’t require lot of hardwork for care and they are adaptable to any kind of environment.

They are having 12-18 inches in height and 12-17 lbs in weight. Caveliar king dog are having 8-15 year long life span and found in variant color combination like black with tan color and tri color.

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