Most Common Behavioral Problem Found in Cats.

There are lot behavior changes happened to cat that’s pretty normal to found out but excessive changes that’s makes them different than normal condition. So first thing it is need to understand what type of changes happen to cat behavior that makes them different than normal behavior. There is list of behavior problem found out in cat breed that should be known to the cat owner or cat lover.

1. Compulsive behavior

Sometime it normal for cat that their behavior is changing but more often it is changing then it should be concern topic that definitely discuss with veterinarian. Other than you can also your pet to give them relaxing diversion and some playful time with them.

2. Urine Making

Cat can spray their urine when they are having conflict with other cat and this thing they done because of they are trying to make territory.

3. Scratching

They are scratching because they like to do that for their sharpen claws and this helpful for their protection with other cat. Also they are rubbing their claws because they invited other cats to play with them.

4. Avoiding the litter box

It’s happen when they don’t like the box so if you can change it or clean properly so they can use it on daily basis.

5. Playing rough that harm themselves

Most of cat play so fast and so engaged with game that make them hurt while running or jumping. In this they scratch, bite and swat that hurtful to us so try to calm down your pet with slow down the game.

6. Aggression

Cats sometime aggressive to protect themselves or their family. Cat aggression include high growling with aggressive moves. So if it’s moderate level aggression they they will be calm down but if they are not then take a professional help because the safety first for you ad your cat.

7. Over meowing

They are doing meowing to say hi and to explain something like when they are hungry for food. It is way of them to take attention and for their talking but if it is more than normal then it will concerned to doctor.

8. Excessive grooming

It is done by cat for their cleaning but it’s harmful when they over doing and it’s hurt their skin.

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