Ludo Game Earn Money Online | How to use Ludo Game

Hello Guys, We can earn so many of money from your mobile using some applications which is giving money for complete some criteria which is given by application. Now im here with one more application which is Ludo Game and this is an app for earn money in paytm. Play ludo game and earn paytm cash easily and withdraw winning money instantly in your account. So now lets talk about What is Ludo Game?

What is Ludo Game?

So guys there is so many ways to earn money online. We can earn money online using mobile phone and this is best option and easiest way. We can earn lots of money using Mobile phone by some applications and Ludo game is one of them. So thus ludo game is giving lots of rewards and paytm cash to their user for play and win the turnament are running in app. This application name is Ludo Jack and this is new app and trusted also for every users this application has so many users are available and most of them are active and this app rating is so high given by their users. Users of this app love this app so much and game is amazing and their is so many profits of all users that they can male money with this app by just playing Ludo game. We can earn 3000 Indian rupees daily with this app and this is the only app which is give money if you lose. If we lose any game they we will get 50% of amount return and this is amazing feature or this application.

How to Use Ludo Jack App

So first of all download this amazing app from their website and if some error show then click on download anyway option then go to your phone settings amd enable the unknown resources option and install application in your devices and this application will run on every Devices. Now open app and enjoy the good interface of this app so first of all login or signup with your mobile number and verify it with OTP then enter to the app and there is so many turnament are running ir upcoming so we can check out any of leaderboard and get knowledge about earning which other user are doing. So now select any turnament there is so many available for it and we can select free or paid any of them and both are giving money for winners. So if we select paid turnament there will be our other three opponents are also playing and we have to beat them to win winning amount if we lose then also we will get 50% of entry fee this thing is only available in Ludo Jack game so now play and win money.

How to Withdraw Money

We have to login game with our paytm mobile number so we can not use other number for transfer money money will be transferred in to paytm on number using which we have signup this game. So we now we can not withdraw Bonus amount in your paytm wallet this can only use for play games and then if we win that one will convert into winning amount and only winning amount is transferred to your paytm account. The amount will be created to your paytm wallet in few seconds or within 24 hours.

Refer amd Earn

This application is not only giving money for play and earn we can make money using its Refer and Earn option. If we refer someone means someone download this app using our given link or Referral code then we will get instant INR 20 for that refer. We can use this amount in app for play games and make it double or more else we can also withdraw it in our paytm wallet.

Final Thoughts

This app has so many of options for earn money online by using mobile phone and we all can earn money from home. We no need to do any type if hard work we just have to play games and not hard games we have to olay Ludo game with other three players we have to beat them and we have to create high score then them with in time. In this game there is simple logic we have to enter our all four cookies in the home to the winning spot available in the game before our opponents do this. We can also make opponents poin less and they can also make our. We just need to play with patience.

So this Ludo app is amazing app for earn money online by just playing Ludo game and we can play it for whole day also by participating in every turnament and win paytm cash instant. Thank you so much for Reading till here…..

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