How to make your Background Video look Blurry with iPhone

What’s up guys, so having your background out of focus is super popular nowadays not only because it looks great, but also helps isolate the subject allowing the viewer to focus their intention on the subject. One major difference between a mirrorless camera and smartphone is the shallow depth of field. The Sony A seven three has a much larger sensor than the iPhone 11 Pro max. The larger the sensors, the easier it is to achieve a shallow depth of field. Smartphones also have a very wide lens, which makes it harder to achieve a blurry background. If you want to have your subject in focus and the background out of focus, you would have to get very close to the subject, you could increase the shallow depth of field using a telephoto lens, but I find the difference very small. Now in this video, I will show you two ways how you can achieve a blurry background in your video. The first method is using a DOF adapter that enables you to mount a lens to your iPhone. The second method is more of a hack, which is using the free focus life app, which is only available for iOS users. By the way all the gear mentioned will be in the video description below as well as a timestamp if you want to skip

Ulanzi DOF Adapter

Go back to a particular part of the video. Alright, let’s first take a closer look at the Ulanzi DOF adapter. This adapter allows you to mount a DSLR lens onto your smartphone. So here’s the difference between using the DOF adapter and without. As you can see it separates the subject much better from the background than without the DOF adapter. Let me show you how to use the DOF adapter. This particular adapter works with Sony E mounts for full frame lenses and doesn’t come cheap at around $140. To be able to use the DOF adapter you will need to get the Ulanzi smartphone case which is bought separately, I got mine for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which costs around $60. Now when mounting a lens, keep in mind that the lens you’re using needs to be able to focus manually. The lenses that rely on electronics to focus are not compatible with this adapter. The key to achieving a blurry background is to pick a fast lens that has a wide aperture something between a f/ 0.9 to a 2.8 everything above 2.8 won’t really give you a strong shallow depth of field. The lens I picked up and find produces a nice shallow depth of field is the Meike 25 millimeter f/1.8. I went for a wider lens since I also wanted to compare it with the Sony 20 millimeter f/2 that I frequently use for my talking head videos at home. I’m actually using it right now. Now you could also go with a different lens like a telephoto lens, that will definitely increase the shallow depth of field in your video, the Meike 25 millimeter f/1.8 costs around the $75. So all in all, it cost me around $275 which isn’t cheap. To set up the iPhone 11 Pro max with the DOF adapter I can simply place the iPhone into the cage tightened the knob and secured with the magnetic door. I then connected the lens with the DOF adapter and mounted it on the iPhone wide lens. For this to work you will need a third party app. I’ll be using Filmic Pro in this example, when opening Filmic Pro, the image will be upside down so in order to flip the image you can go to the

Focus live App

Equivalent to an F/14 aperture on a full frame camera. Modern smartphones with enhanced bokeh effects actually rely on a software for more dramatic look, which leads us to our second method, namely, using the focus live app, this is a more affordable option. It’s a free app that you can download from the App Store, which allows you to add a bokeh to your video, the app does a fairly good job of keeping the background out of focus and the subject in focus even as it moves. The way how it works is that you actually need to record the video first, with the focus live app, it won’t work if you record with your native camera app or any other video application. Once you did that, you can import the footage into the video editor of the focus live app, and then add the blur in the background. So let me quickly guide you through the focus live app to create that background blur. So let’s now look at the focus life app, cos i selected and if I want to record a video, using the focus live app, I’m going to select take a portrait video. And basically, anything that gets closer gets brighter, and everything or further away gets darker, the wide area shows you what’s in focus. So we’re not going to go too deep into that, we’re actually going to look at how you can edit your videos using the focus life app. So I’m going to select editing video. And then I’m going to select the videos shot with the focus life app. So I’m going to select this one, and I’m going to select this. I’m going to hit edit, and it’s going to import it, I’m going to select the clip the first one. And as you can see, there’s a square that tracks George’s face. So if I hit play, it actually does a really great job of tracking his face. And I can select his face or the background and decide what I want to have in focus. So I’m going to select this face again. And now I can select aperture size. And this allows me to control the amount of blur. So if I increase the F stop number, you will see that everything is in focus.


To avoid jury movements in your shot. So to wrap this up, the first method of using the DOF adapter with a fast lens really adds quality to your videos giving you a similar looking shallow depth of field like you see in DSLR cameras. But there are of course some imperfections do I find it necessary to have one? not really when filling with my iPhone, I want to keep it mobile, I want to be able to take out my phone and be ready to shoot a setup like this would consume much more time but I have to say that it was a lot of fun to shoot with it. And I do personally like the look of it as it is a stylistic choice as well. This is probably the cleanest option to achieving a high quality shallow depth of field with your smartphone. And it might be a great option for talking head videos like these. I think that the focus live app has a lot of potential at least until Apple releases a native portray mode for video. The app isn’t perfect but for what it can do, it’s pretty impressive and is a good and inexpensive way to have your background be out of focus. I think if done correctly, you could get away with it pretty well. Now I’m sure that people wouldn’t even notice it on a small screen. Let me know in the comment section below which method you prefer, subscribe to my channel so that I can keep creating these awesome videos for you guys. By the way, if you’re new to iPhone filmmaking, make sure to download my free iPhone filmmaking guide which will help you find the right tools to get started with shooting high quality videos on your iPhone. You surely don’t want to miss out on that. Follow me on Instagram at Bennett grazer and if you’re looking for more mobile filmmaking tutorials, I got your back. Here are two great videos that will certainly help you improve your mobile filmmaking skills. Until then take it easy, stay creative

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