How to Make Money as a Student in England

As a student in England, finding ways to make money can be a valuable experience that not only helps you earn some extra income but also equips you with essential skills for the future. Whether you need to cover your living expenses, save up for travel, or simply want to gain work experience, there are various opportunities available to make money while studying. In this article, we will explore different methods that can help you make money as a student in England.

1. Part-Time Jobs for Students

One of the most common ways for students to earn money is by taking up part-time jobs. Many businesses, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores offer part-time positions specifically designed for students. These jobs often have flexible schedules that can accommodate your study commitments. Some popular part-time job options for students include working as a barista, waiter/waitress, retail associate, tutor, or administrative assistant.

2. Freelancing and Online Opportunities

With the rise of the internet, there are numerous freelancing and online job opportunities available to students. You can explore platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to offer your services in areas such as writing, graphic design, programming, social media management, and virtual assistance. These platforms allow you to work on projects remotely, giving you the flexibility to manage your time effectively.

3. Starting a Small Business

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a small business can be an exciting way to make money as a student. Consider your skills and interests and think about what products or services you can offer. You could start a small online store, provide tutoring services, offer pet-sitting or gardening services, or even create and sell handmade crafts. Starting a small business requires dedication and effort, but it can be a rewarding venture.

4. Utilizing Student Resources

Universities and colleges often provide resources and opportunities for students to earn money. Check with your institution’s career services or student union for job postings on campus, research assistant positions, or even paid internships within your field of study. These opportunities not only provide financial support but also help you gain valuable experience and build your network.

5. Managing Finances

While making money as a student is important, it’s equally essential to manage your finances effectively. Create a budget to track your income and expenses, prioritize your spending, and avoid unnecessary debt. Consider using financial management apps or seeking advice from your institution’s financial aid office to help you make informed decisions about your money.

6. Networking and Building Connections

Networking is a crucial aspect of career development, and as a student, you have opportunities to connect with professionals in your field. Attend career fairs, join industry-related events, and engage with guest speakers or alumni who visit your institution. Building connections can open doors to internships, part-time jobs, or even full-time employment after graduation.

7. Developing Marketable Skills

Investing in developing marketable skills can significantly enhance your earning potential as a student. Identify the skills that are in demand in your desired industry and seek opportunities to develop them. Take

online courses, participate in workshops, or join student organizations that align with your career goals. By continuously improving your skills, you become more valuable in the job market.

8. Balancing Work and Studies

While making money is important, it’s crucial to strike a balance between work and studies. Remember that your primary goal as a student is to excel academically. Prioritize your coursework and allocate specific time slots for work-related activities. Effective time management and setting realistic goals will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

9. Taking Advantage of Internships

Internships are an excellent way to gain practical experience and make money at the same time. Explore internships related to your field of study, whether they are paid or unpaid. While unpaid internships may not provide immediate financial benefits, they can offer valuable learning opportunities and pave the way for future paid positions.

10. Tips for Success

Here are some tips to maximize your success in making money as a student in England:

  • Stay organized and maintain a schedule.
  • Be proactive in seeking opportunities.
  • Polish your resume and tailor it for each job application.
  • Develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Build a professional online presence.
  • Seek guidance from career advisors or mentors.

11. Overcoming Challenges

While pursuing opportunities to make money, you may encounter challenges along the way. It’s important to stay resilient and persevere through obstacles. Develop problem-solving skills, seek support from peers or mentors, and maintain a positive mindset. Remember that each challenge presents an opportunity for growth and learning.


Making money as a student in England is possible with the right mindset, resourcefulness, and determination. Whether you choose part-time jobs, freelancing, starting a small business, or utilizing student resources, each method offers unique benefits and challenges. By actively pursuing opportunities, managing your finances, and developing valuable skills, you can not only earn money but also gain valuable experiences that will shape your future career.


Can I work full-time as a student in England?

While it’s possible to work full-time as a student in England, it’s important to consider your academic commitments. Full-time work may impact your ability to focus on your studies, so it’s advisable to find a balance that works for you.

How can I find part-time jobs for students in England?

You can find part-time job opportunities for students through job search websites, university job boards, career services, or by directly contacting local businesses in your area.

Are internships paid in England?

Internships in England can be paid or unpaid. It depends on the organization and the nature of the internship. Some internships may provide financial compensation, while others focus on providing valuable experience.

How can I manage my time effectively while working and studying?

To manage your time effectively, create a schedule, set priorities, and allocate specific time slots for work and study. Avoid overcommitting and learn to delegate tasks when necessary.

Can I start a business while studying in England?

Yes, you can start a business while studying in England. However, it’s important to balance your entrepreneurial endeavors with your academic responsibilities and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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