How to Film and Edit a Teleport Effect on iPhone

Oh! Well, hey guys. Is that all for my intro? What’s up folks. Today I’m gonna show you how to film and edit a teleport effect with your iPhone. And this effect is pretty easy to achieve, and I’m gonna walk you through it step-by-step. So you can use this effect to transition from one place to another and is a great way to captivate your audience. And also you don’t have to take a bus. Now in one of my older iPhone filmmaking tutorials, I created the teleport effect where I transitioned from the forest scene into my studio at home. And many of you wanted to know how I created this effect. So today is your lucky day because we are gonna create something similar. Oh, and make sure to stick till the end as I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway from last Friday’s video, which is right over here. So stay tuned for that.


So there are a couple of tools you need. You will need obviously, a smartphone that can capture video. You will need a Tripod Mount Adapter to mount your smartphone onto the tripod. And also you will need a tripod to keep your camera steady. What you also will be needing is a little bit of acting. This will also help sell the effect. For post production you will need LumaFusion, which is a video editing app that costs around 30 bucks. And you will also need to download a visual graphic from ProductionCrate, which I will leave a link down below. It’s the portal effect that we will later on import into our project. All right, so we’re gonna start at this place and then we’re gonna transition to another, and I’m gonna show you the behind the scenes of how I do it. So let’s first talk about our camera settings.

Camera Settings

So I’m using the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is now mounted on a Tripod Mount Adapter on my Manfrotto Befree tripod. So I will be using the native camera app. We will be recording in 4K 25 frames per second. 4K allows me to crop in in post if I have to and has more detail than shooting in a Full HD. And I will shoot in 25 frames per second, because I don’t plan on slowing down the footage.


The next thing you wanna consider is positioning your tripod and framing yourself., in order to frame myself, I will be using the Apple Watch with the Camera Remote app, but you could also use the selfie camera if you want to. But as you know, the rear camera produces a much higher video quality than the selfie camera. Now, when it comes to choosing a location for your teleport effect you don’t want a lot of things happening in the background. Otherwise this effect will be difficult to achieve. So I chose this place because as you can see, there are no people walking in the background, no cars driving around, and I can actually use this tree to create a little bit of movement after I teleport to a different place, but I will show you exactly what I mean by that. So I’m now gonna frame myself in the shot and I’m gonna use my Apple Watch for that. I’m gonna open up the Remote Camera app and this way I can easily frame myself. I’m gonna walk into the frame and then I’m gonna look at my watch and then I’m gonna kneel down. And when I do the teleportation, I sort of do a little bit of acting. I go like this and show the audience that the teleportation effect is about to happen, but I must make sure that I’m centered. So I’m actually going to mark where I will be standing.

BTS Location 1 Shot 2

Now the next thing I’m gonna do is actually record a clean plate without the me in the frame. And what I’m also gonna do is actually move these tree branches to add a little bit of movement in the background as I teleport to a different place. And let’s see if I can move all of these branches at the same time and go. And go (laughs). So now that we have that shot, let’s move on to the next one. So this will be our second location I will be teleporting to. As you can see, there is a bench over there that I will be sitting on. So the first thing I did, I made sure I have my camera settings right. And also make sure that the camera is leveled, and I centered it so that the bench is positioned in the middle of the frame, before I perform the act, I’m actually gonna gather some leaves to then throw in the sky once I teleport onto the bench, and again, that will help sell the effect. So I gathered a bunch of leaves and I hope it was worth the effort because I just have one shot and I don’t want to gather all those leaves again.

BTS Location 2 Shot 1

So first I’m gonna to record a clean plate. The clean plate is gonna be around five to 10 seconds. Once I have that, I’m actually gonna position myself.

BTS Location 2 Shot 2

So the way I’m gonna do it is, I’m gonna lean forward, and then the throw the leaves up in the air. And while they’re in the air, I’m gonna lean backwards or I’m gonna throw myself backwards and sort of give the audience the feeling that teleporting isn’t really that comfortable. (laughs) All right, you guys ready? Three, two, one. (man groans) Ooh, God. And there you have it. Now we have the shots. So let’s head back home and edit these footages together in LumaFusion to create an awesome looking teleport effect.

Intro Editing

So I’m back in my studio. Let’s now start to edit those clips. And for that, we’re gonna use that LumaFusion and for a one-time payment of $30 you get access to all of it’s features. Currently it’s only available for iOS users, but in the future Android phones will be able to also edit in LumaFusion. these clips are also available to download if you guys wanna follow along, I will leave a download link below. So with that said, let’s hop into LumaFusion, and I actually already edited the video so that you can see how it would look like with the timeline. So let’s play that back first.

Import Clips

I’m gonna walk you guys through it so that you can create your own teleport effect. So let’s create a new project. And I’m gonna name this one Teleport Effect Tutorial, and hit the plus sign. And we’re first gonna import our clips into the timeline. So I’m gonna select photo and I’m gonna select this clip right over here, and I’m gonna trim it to around here just as I start to teleport. And then I’m gonna trim this side as I walk in. Let’s add that, and let’s select the same clip again. And so I’m now gonna select the moving tree branches that will help sell the effect. And I’m gonna add it. And if we play those two clips back, this is what we have so far. (lighthearted music) Okay, we can actually trim the first clip to around… Or we can actually extend it. Boom. That’s where we cut. And boom. All right. I can actually shorten it just a little bit around here. All right. That looks great. So we’re actually gonna work with these two clips first. So the next thing I’m gonna do is add the visual effect.

Adjust Portal Effect

which I downloaded from FootageCrate. I will leave a link down below. It’s actually free if you sign up on their website. So I’m gonna head over to import and then select this clip over here. And that is that the teleport visual effect that we’re gonna be using. So I’m gonna drag this on top. And the next thing I’m gonna do is double press it and then head over to color and effects. And we’re going to head to keyers, and then we’re gonna select the Dark Luma Key. We can also adjust it. So I’m gonna reduce the roll-off, also the erosion distance, and I’m gonna increase the edge blur radius a bit. And let’s see if we can actually, just gonna reduce this. All right. That looks good. The next thing I’m gonna do is go to frame and fit and I’m gonna change the blending to divide. And we can actually reduce the opacity to around I would say, to around 20. Okay. And now we can start positioning the teleport effect. So I’m gonna drag it a little bit down and increase the size a bit. and I can scrub to see how it would look like. I think this will look great. So we also have to time it right. So I’m actually gonna head back and I’m gonna position this. Let’s see how it looks like. (indistinct) All right. Then whoosh. I’m actually gonna make a cut right here. So at this point I want the teleport to disappear. So I’m gonna double tap on it and actually increase the speed to around six. Okay. This looks good. I’m going to trim it even more so that it starts disappearing. See and whoosh. Okay. And I want this to happen earlier. So I’m gonna trim the first part and I’m gonna drag this over. Let’s see. Whoosh, okay. I can drag it and increases this. And whoosh. And I’m gonna change the blending on the second teleport clip. I’m gonna head over to frame and fit and choose blending. And this time I’m gonna select screen. All right. And I’m gonna increase the opacity. Whoosh. All right. This looks great, boom. I’m also gonna add a motion blur to the effect. So I’m gonna select the Gaussian and I’m gonna reduce the opacity to one. All right. That looks good. And let’s head back. Let’s see how it looks like and voom.

Add Cross Desolve

To make the transition smoother from the first clip to the second clip, I’m actually gonna add a cross dissolve. So I’m gonna select this clip over here, and I’m gonna hit the plus sign and choose transition, and I’m gonna trim it. So if we play it back, it looks even smoother. Now to sell this effect even better, we’re actually gonna add a shake to our second clip.


And before we do that, we’re actually gonna add a letter box first, and I will leave a link down below for you to download that letter box, which is a PNG file that you can add on top of your primary clip. So I’m gonna add the letter box on top of the clip and I’m gonna stretch it all the way till the end.

Add Shake

And the next thing I’m gonna do is actually crop in on both clips so that we can create that shake effect. So I’m gonna double tap on the first one, and I’m gonna head over to frame and fit, and I’m gonna select the size and actually increase it to 105. And I’m also gonna reposition it a bit. I think this looks good, and then I’m gonna head back. So I’m now gonna copy the position by selecting the frame and fit, and then selecting copy. I’m gonna move to the second clip, select it and paste it. Gonna make sure I only select frame and fit and then paste. we still have the same position. So now that we did that, we’re gonna go to the second clip. I’m gonna double tap it and we’re gonna create our shake. And I’m gonna move the cursor all the way to the beginning. And I’m gonna select the key frame, and I’m gonna move one forward, and then I’m gonna reposition the frame like so. And then I’m gonna move one forward again, and I’m gonna reposition it again. Move one forward, reposition it again. Move one forward, and select my and position. All right. And if we played bac voom. This is what we get, might be a little bit too much so I’m gonna actually delete the last two key points. Let’s play it back, voosh. All right. That looks great. So let’s head back and see how it would look like with the first clip in it. See that? Makes it look a really great. we can always adjust the shake if you want to. So if you find a shake too hard, you can adjust it by selecting one of these points. So I’m gonna select this point. I’m actually gonna reduce it, and position it a little bit differently. And it’s like the middle one and move it towards the right and bottom. All right, let’s play it back. Voom. All right. I think this looks better. Great, and that is about it for our first teleport clip.

Import Clips

We’re gonna move on to our second one. And I’m gonna head back to photos and I’m gonna add the other clips. So that’s our clean plate actually. And I’m gonna add the clean plate. Gonna trim it, maybe around, I don’t know, two seconds or so. And I’m gonna drag it over here and I’m gonna select this clip. And this is actually the starting point, right here as I fall backwards and the ending position would be here. I’m gonna drag that over here. Let’s play back, voom. All right.

Adjust Portal Effect

And we’re basically gonna do the same thing again. So I’m gonna head over to the other files and I’m gonna drag the footage or this effect on top of the primary footage, then a double tap on it. And I’m gonna change the blending option from normal to screen. And now we can start repositioning this one around here. Let’s head back. Voom. So now we’re gonna start timing this teleport effect. So as it opens I pop in and I actually want it to close fast. So I’m actually gonna make a cut over here and I’m gonna trim this to around here, and I’m gonna double tap it, select speed and reverse. Speed it up to around six times. And head back, and I’m gonna zoom in, zoom even further. And I’m gonna move this clip towards here. Voom, as you can see it opens up and closes again. I’m also gonna add a blur to both. So I’m gonna double tap it, select color and effects, go over here and select the Gaussian. And I’m gonna select one. It looks good. Then I select it and copy it. Just the color end effects. Copy, (indistinct) like the second clip and paste it. Boom. I’m actually gonna shorten this clip right over here. I think this is too long. So I’m gonna shorten it all the way from here. (man groans) All right. And I’m gonna move this clip over here and this clip over here. (man groans) And I want the portal to open up a quite quickly so I’m actually gonna double the speed of it to around two. And I’m gonna drag this over here and let’s see how it looks like. Boom, okay, that looks great.

Add Cross Desolve

And again, I’m gonna add a transition between those two clips. So I’m gonna select this second clip, hit the plus sign and select transition. I’m gonna shorten it. And as you can see, boom. And as you can see, it creates a smoother teleport transition, I would say. And we’re also gonna add a shake to our second clip, but before we do that, I’m actually gonna resize this. I’m gonna stretch the letter box all the way till the end, gonna reposition the clip, gonna head over to frame and fit. And again, I’m gonna crop in to around 105. And I’m gonna reposition it. I think this looks great. And I’m also gonna change the rotation like that. I’m gonna head back, I’m gonna copy, reposition. I’m gonna select this clip over here and paste the position. Okay. Boom, looks great.

Add Shake

Let’s now add our shake to our second clip. So I’m gonna double tap on it and I’m gonna move their cursor all the way to the beginning. And I’m gonna select the key frame button. Then I move one forward, gonna change it, move one forward again. Move one forward. Move one forward. And the last one. Let’s play it back (man groans) Oh, (laughs) that looks great.

Music And SFX

So the next thing we’re gonna do is actually add music and a sound effect to this clip because without it just doesn’t sell the effect that much. So I get all of my music and the sound effects from Artlist., if you guys are interested, you can sign up through my link which you will get two months additionally for free. we’re actually gonna head over to the other project since I already color graded the clip and added music and sound effects to it. This way I can show you better how I layered those sound effects. So this is how I layered my sound. So this is how it sounds like adding just the sound effect. (air whooshing) (air whooshing) And now let’s play it back with the sound effect and music. (air whooshing) (dramatic music) (air whooshing) (dramatic music) (upbeat music) So when adding sound effects to your video, you wanna add like whooshes, risers, and atmosphere to your video. So I actually added the birds singing in nature so that we have some of that ambient sound going on in the background. I actually also recorded some ambient sound with my iPhone that I used in this clip. What I also did is actually added some risers as well to create sort of tension in my video. And then I also added these rise hits where the sound effect starts to build up, and then as I teleport, you hear this hit sound, which again, helps sell the effect. (air whooshing) See that. I’ve also added cross dissolve to fade in and fade out those sound effects, this way it will sound cleaner and transition better from one sound effect to another.

Color Grade

And if you’re wondering how I color graded this video, I’m just gonna show it to you. I’m gonna head over to color and effects. And I graded it using the Original preset. This is the before and after. I increased the midtones, reduced the highlight amount a bit, add a little bit of saturation and vibrance and made the shot overall a little bit warmer. And I also moved at the hue slider a little bit towards the left to create that orange and teal look a bit. Now, if you wanna know more about how to color grade with LumaFusion, I have a video about it that you should definitely check out. All right, guys, that was it. That is how you film and edit a teleport effect using your iPhone. I find it really great to be able to do this effect on your iPhone, and it isn’t really that hard to do. Now, if I would be using Final Cut Pro, I would definitely be faster, but yeah, I had a lot of fun creating this short effect for you guys.

So if this was helpful for you, make sure to leave a comment down below, make sure to come along and share your work with others so that we can all grow together. Now, I also have a “Free Smartphone Filmmaking Guide” that will help you get started making quality videos with your smartphone. With that said, guys, thank you so much for Reading. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you guys the next time

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