How To Delete, View Amazon Prime video Watch History?

We can easily delete Amazon Prime video watch History by accessing your Watch History in Video Settings so lets start.

What Is Amazon Prime Video ?

Amazon Prime Video is best ott pletform for watch movies, webseries, TV show watch online and we can download also. We have to buy subscription for watch movies, webseries, TV show for watch online. We get monthly, quarterly and yearly plans for Amazon Prime video.

Prime Video is popular in all streaming platform for giving best Content and offer you unlimited movie and TV show to watch and download for free and paid subscription. It has full packed with great TV show and movies in Prime orignal and has licensed with third party Content. If we watch anything in Prime video even for 1 minute than it will be added into watch hystory. So now lets talk about how to clear or Delete Amazon Prime video watch History.

Prime Video Watch History

If we watch any Movie or Webseries in Prime Video just for 1 minute than that will be added into Prime Video watch History. And we can see what which content we have watched before and for how many minutes. We can easily find which Tv Show or Movie we leave in middle. We can search it in Hystory and also continue watching it from where we leave it. This is best thing and very helpful for us and this also has disadvantages like if we don’t want other to let they know what we are waiting or what we watched before. So we can Delete Amazon Prime Video Watch History from the mobile app or from website. Removing content from watch hystory ensures that it is not used for leter recommendation in Prime Video.

How to Delete prime video Watch History

  • Step – 1
    • Go to Amazon Prime Video Website in your Mobile than sign in or login to your Prime Video Account.
  • Step – 2
    • Go to “Account and lists” Option given in top right corner of the screen, than select the option your Prime Video from the given menu.
  • Step – 3
    • Once you done this than you will be redirected to Prime Video page, than click to the Option Settings, which will again Redirect you to Account and Settings Page.
  • Step – 4
    • After this You have to click on Activity tab and than you will se the option given below VIEW WATCH HISTORY. Than your full history will be open which Movies and Tv Show you have watched till now, everything will be displayed on your mobile screen.
  • Step – 5
    • For Remove Movie or any TV show from your Watch History, Scroll Down in given list and than select Remove from Watch videos button given next to Movie and Tv show you wish to hide. You can also select not prefer to use this for reconstruction.

Content Available in Prime Video

In Amazon Prime video there is 10 type of language content available for users to watch. Language like Hindi, English,Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, kannada, Panjabi, Marathi, Bangali and Gujarati. To Many Popular shows are streaming in all languages some of them are free but we need to Buy subscription for watch all available content in Prome videos. In Amazon prime Video all type of shows are available like Family, Drama, Comedy, Action, Kids, Adult and everyone can watch all of them after buy subscription.

There is One of the best Movies , Webseries are available to watch online in your Mobile. One of the best Tv shows are available for watch and all episodes of TV show are available in Amazon prime Video and you can Download them also for watch later. In Prime Video there is special content also available for kids means cartoon movies, Popular Tv shows are also available for kids. So the prime video is best for evey age people’s it has all content for streaming.

Prime Video Subscription Plan

Now lets talk about subscription plan available in Amazon prime Video. So in prime Video there is Offer is Available for yearly package. ₹499 For 1 year instead of ₹699. In this we Unlock everything available in Amazon prime Video like premium Movies, Webseries, Tv show, Cartoon etc. So Prime video is not Costly and giving best Content to there users.

Amazon Prime Is Very Populer for coneten which is available in it and all type of content is available for everyone and we can watch every thing in HD also. all content are HD streaming for everyone. Prime Video is Best For Collection of Movies and TV shows and also for Webseries. Most of evrery Movie, Tv Show is available in Amazon Prime Video Platform But we have to Purchase Subscription plan for Have Access To Everything or every content available in Prime Video.

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