How to Create a Spin Shot with DJI OM4

What is up guys, and welcome back to another awesome tutorial. Today I’m gonna show you how to create the spin shot

Spin Shot

with the DJI OM 4 using the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As you might know, the DJI OM 4 is capable of rotating the camera 270 degrees. Now the spin shot is a great way to give your video a tisting feel to it. And you might know it from the movie “Inception” where they create this barrel roll where everything is twisting around, and it just looks super awesome. Now you could also do this handheld, but it’s much easier using a gimbal to create that shot. So for today’s post I have my girlfriend with me. She’s gonna be acting as the model of today’s video.And I’m gonna show you a behind the scenes of how I use this spin shot with the DJI OM 4 so that you can use these techniques to your own advantage. So the first thing you wanna do is, in order to use the spin shot on the DJI OM 4, you will have to go into the DJI Mimo app

Dji Memo App

and change the Follow Mode to SpinShot. So let’s do that right now. ‘m gonna open up the DJI Mimo app and I’m gonna connect it to the gimbal. And then I’m gonna head over to the three dots at the bottom left, and then go to Camera. And in the Follow Mode section, I can choose SpinShot. And by adjusting the joystick to the right or to the left, it creates that spin shot. So another thing you wanna do is change the control stick speed from Fast to Slow. This way,the spin will look more smoother when you create this effect. Now there is an easier way to change modes faster. When you head to the Press M button, instead of selecting Photo Video, just select quick menu. And this way, when pressing the M button, I can quickly switch those modes. So now we’re gonna select the spin shot. So now that I’ve set up the gimbal to rotate, I’m gonna use the native camera app to shoot this video. So I’m gonna open it up and first of all, I’m gonna change the frame rates to 60 frames per second. This way I can slow the footage down if I need to. And I’m also gonna use the ultra-wide angle lens because this is gonna be more apparent than using the wide or telephoto lens. So I find that the spin shot is more effective using the ultra-wide angle lens instead of the wide or telephoto lens. So I’m gonna have Sinna walk towards the end and I’m gonna follow her with my gimbal and adjust the joystick so that the camera rotates. And the first thing I’m gonna do is actually position the camera at an angle so that I can rotate the full 270 degree, like so. And it’s important to walk heel to toe like a ninja so that you won’t have any shaky footage in the end. Even though we’re using a gimbal, I still want the smoothest shot possible. So walking heel to toe is a great tip. Okay. So we’re gonna start from here. I’m gonna center her, and then we’re gonna start, I’m gonna start recording. 0 3, 2, 1, go. (gentle upbeat music) Nice. (upbeat music) So, to take this a little bit further, we’re gonna change the location and create another spin shot so that I can show you in post, how you can put these two together to create an awesome speed ramp transition, sort of. Another tip I have for you guys.

Enable Grid Lines

is to enable gridlines in the settings. This way you will get the rule of thirds and can frame the subject in the center and keep it that way while creating your shot. So we’re gonna do the same shot again. She’s just gonna walk straight forward until the spin shot has ended. Okay, I’m gonna position myself, and I’m gonna hit the record button. And, go! (gentle upbeat music) (footsteps thudding) Nice. (gentle upbeat music) (upbeat music) So let’s now head back to the studio so that I can show you how to edit these two clips using a mobile editing application. All right. So now that we have two spin shot clips, I’m now gonna show you how to put these two clips together to create a speed ramp transition that’s gonna look really awesome. We’re gonna use a mobile editing application


called InShot. InShot is available for iOS and Android users. I have the paid version because I use it a lot for my social media posts. But you can easily use the free version, just make sure to remove the watermark before you export the video. And you can do that as many times as you like. I personally like InShot because the interface is so intuitive and it offers a lot of features such as speed ramp, color grading, and also different output options in terms of frame rate and resolution. By the way, if you wanna follow along, there is a free download link in the video description below to the two clips. So let’s first open up InShot, select the video, and I’m gonna select the two clips that I want to import, hit the check mark, and as you can see it’s in our timeline. So the first thing I’m gonna do is change the aspect ratio.

Change The Expect Ratio

Since I shot this in a 16:9 format, I wanna change it to that aspect ratio. I’m gonna select and I’m gonna apply it to the other clip as well by selecting the double check mark and Apply To All. I hit the check mark,

Rotate The Clip

and the next thing I’m gonna do is rotate the clip. I’m gonna select Rotate, and the same thing for the second clip.


So I’m now gonna start trimming the clip, just to have the best portion. I’m gonna start with the first one by dragging it to the right. I’m gonna trim it to this point as she starts walking, and same goes with the other side around here. I’m gonna select the second clip and do the same, (gentle upbeat music) around here. And also the end of the clip round here. So the next thing you wanna think about

Speed Ramp Transition

when creating a speed round transition is to find a point in the clip where you want the transition to happen. So, I want the transition to happen right as the ground is leveled. I’m gonna select the Split, and then Delete. I’m gonna do the same thing with the second clip. I want it to start transition around here. Split and Delete this part. And then you can also play it back and see how it would look like. (gentle upbeat music) I think that should work. So let’s now start adjusting the speed of her clip.

Adjusting the Speed

I’m gonna select the first clip and then select Speed and then go to the Curve section. And I want the clip to start in normal speed and then speed up. And to do that I’m actually gonna drag the cursor all the way to around here, and I want it to speed up here. So it goes like, it goes like, tchoo! Like this. So I’m gonna drag this point to around 4 and this point as well to around 4. And this point, I’m gonna drag it all the way here so that it starts to speed up fast. Let’s play it back. (audio squeals) I can move this one even closer to the right and this point as well Let’s see how that looks like. (audio squeals) Okay. I think that should work. (audio squeals) Whoosh! All right. I like that. Let’s go to the second clip and do the same. I’m gonna select Speed, and then I’m gonna select Curve. And I want the first part to speed up and then slow down. So I’m gonna drag this point to around 3, this point also to around 3, bring it close to the first point, and then I’m gonna drag this point right here. Let’s see how that looks like. Whoosh! I can drag this point a little bit more to the left and this point also. Whoosh! I’m gonna turn off the volume on both clips. I’m gonna select Volume, and then drag it all the way to the left. And I’m gonna select the double check to apply it to the other clip as well. Let’s play it back. Ooh, that looks nice. ‘m liking it. Let’s play it back one more time. Whoosh! Yeah, I’m liking that. So the next thing I’m gonna do is add a music.

Add Music

I get all my music from Artlist. There is a link down below where you get two months additionally for free. Head over to Music, Tracks, and then Imported music. And this is the song I’ll use. (bright energetic music) All right. I’m gonna double tap on Music, (bright energetic music)and I’m just gonna select the part I want to use in the video clip. (bright energetic music) See where the beat drops. Boom! That’s where I want the transition to happen. Then I’m gonna hit the check mark. So let’s play it back. (bright energetic music) All right. That’s great. So I’m gonna tap on the end and then select Clip beginning. This will drag the audio all the way to the left, and I’m gonna trim this part. Delete, and then select the Clip end.

Add Fade in and Fade out in Music

So now I’m gonna add a fade in and fade out in the music. I’m gonna select Music, double tap on the track,and then I’m gonna fade in around 0.5 seconds and fade out it’s gonna be 2 seconds. Hit the check mark. And I’m also gonna add a whoosh sound effect. So I’m gonna head over to Effects, and then select Imported Effect. I also got this from Artlist. (air whooshing) That’s the one I want to use. And with the sound effect, it will make the transition feel more realistic. You can drag it over. Let’s play back. (bright energetic music) (air whooshing) Okay. The whoosh sound effect is a little bit too loud, so I’m gonna double tap on it. (air whooshing) And then I’m gonna reduce the volume to around 30%. (air whooshing) Okay, let’s play it back. (bright energetic music) (air whooshing) Nice. I’m now gonna add a filter to both clips. I’m gonna select Filter, Filter, and I’m gonna select Film 2. I’m liking that one. I’m gonna drag the intensity to around 60, (upbeat music) to around 60, and I’m gonna apply this to all the other clips as well. And if you don’t have the paid version, you can actually buy one of these packs for $1,

Remove the Watermark

and then you’ll get those all of these film presets. Now, if you don’t have the paid version of InShot, make sure before you export your video to remove the watermark by selecting it, and then selecting Remove once. Head over to the upper right icon. And then the resolution is set to 4K and frame rate is 60 frames per second. And save that. And your video clip is now exported. (bright energetic music) (air whooshes) (bright energetic music) So I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I wanted to add a little bonus into it by creating this speed ramp spin shot transition.

I hope you guys liked it. If you did, make sure to leave a like. I can keep creating these awesome tutorials for you guys. Now,. Now, if you haven’t downloaded my free Smartphone Filmmaking Guide, make sure to do that right now as this will help you get started creating quality mobile content. Once again, thank you so much for Reading. Have a great day, and I will see you in the next post.

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