Hohem iSteady V2 – Review

Yo, how’s it going everyone and welcome back to another smartphone gimbal review., I will be reviewing the Hohem iSteady V2 three axis smartphone gimbal that has an AI sensor built-in that can automatically track subjects face without any app required. So far there is no other smartphone gimbal that can do this because normally smart tracking is set up in an app and this feature can be very useful for creative productions. it’s not always easy to find the right gimbal since there are a lot on the market out there. As I like to use my quote, “There is no perfect gimbal but there’s the right one for you.” And maybe this gimbal might suit your shooting needs. To give you an idea I will show you a quick overview of the gimbal. Talk about the build and design quality, walk you through on how to mount and balance the gimbal. The basic button functions, the operating modes, AI vision sensor, which is one of its highlights, the Hohem Pro App, performance, price and my final thoughts to it. There will be a timestamp below if you wanna skip or go back to a particular part of the video. With that said, let’s focus our energy on this video.

Quick Review

So here’s a quick overview of the Hohem iSteady V2 gimbal. Starting from the top you have the phone holder. Then on the bottom of the phone holder you have a folding lock to keep the gimbal in place when folding it back, you have a knob to the side of the arm to tighten it when setting up the gimbal, a battery indicator and Bluetooth light, a joystick, a power and shutter button to the side. You have a zoom slider on the opposite side there is a type C USB port that is used for charging the gimbal or even your smartphone. It comes with a charging cable that has an adapter that allows you to switch between USB type A to USB type C. To the bottom, you have a one-quarter screw hole to mount the included mini-tripod.

Built And Design

Let’s move on to the build and design of the Hohem iSteady V2. The gimbal feels high quality, 01:52 it’s well-built and has a comfortable grip. The black design is really nice but Hohem also has a wide version of it. Very lightweight at around 259 grams and the small which makes it portable to carry around. If you have large hands, you can use the gimbal with the included mini tripod as an additional hand grip or as a stand. Because I have small hands, (mumbles) hands. I can use it without the mini tripod and can easily access the buttons with my fingers. Speaking of buttons, there are just four of them which I like making it not too confusing to use. Let’s now look at how you can mount

Mount And Balance

Let’s now look at how you can mount and balance your phone on the Hohem iSteady V2 smartphone gimbal. First unfold the gimbal until the arm is vertical then tighten the knob so that the gimbal can work properly. Then turn the Hohem logo upwards and insert your smartphone. Slide the phone so that it’s centered and balanced with the ground. To use the gimbal, you will have to activate it by signing up through the Hohem Pro App. Since I already did that, it automatically connects to the gimbal and I’m ready to go.

Button and Fnction

Let’s now look at some of the basic button functions of this gimbal. Knowing these functions is important to shoot more efficiently. To turn on and off the gimbal, just long press the power button. To change between landscape and portrait mode, press the power button once or use hand gestures, which we’ll look at later. To recenter the camera, double press the power button. Use the joystick to adjust the direction of the camera. Press the shutter button to start and stop recording. The shutter button also works with the native camera app and third-party apps like Filmic Pro. Just make sure to be connected with the gimbal via Bluetooth. Double pressing the shutter button will switch between photo and video mode in the Hohem Pro App. Triple press the shutter button to switch between the front and rear camera in the Hohem app. Triple press the power button will go into inception mode which will rotate the phone automatically. Use the zoom cider to zoom in and out in the Hohem app.

Operating Modes

Let’s now look at the operating modes. To change the operating modes you could either do that in the Hohem Pro App or using the buttons by press holding the shutter and clicking the power button to cycle through each mode. This again is great for not having to depend on an app. There are four types of modes. You have the pen and tilt follow, which I use most often and follows my hand movement with the roll motor locked. Then you have the pan follow where only the rotation of the pan is unlocked. Then you have the all lock mode where all motors are locked. And last, the POV mode where all motors pan tilt and roll are unlocked to get a first point of view effect.

AI Vision Sensor

Okay guys, let’s get into the most interesting part of the gimbal which is the AI vision sensor built into the gimbal itself. To use the gesture control, turn on the gimbal, then press the button on the top. Whenever you’re ready for smart tracking to begin, just make an okay gesture and the gimbal will track your face. To stop auto tracking, just show your Palm. Like I’ve mentioned in the beginning, this feature is useful since it doesn’t require you to use an app. This means you can use it for live streaming video calls and vlogging. The AI vision sensor does a better job of tracking the subject than using the included app that comes with most gimbals. It responds quickly with low latency and even finds the subject again if lost. Another way you can use the AI vision sensor is to change the rotation of the phone. So to enter landscape mode, just point your thumbs upwards and to change to portrait mode, have your thumbs point to the right. The Hohem iSteady V2 smartphone gimbal also has a video LED light build-in next to the phone clamp to better light yourself when vlogging for example. The light is adjustable between three brightness levels.


Now, in terms of performance this gimbal operates very smoothly. It has strong motors that can easily handle the iPhone 12 Pro Max. When using the ultra wide angle lens I had no issues with the motors blocking the frame. The gimbal did a great job of stabilizing the footage and at no point did I have any problems using it. The battery lasts up to nine hours which is more than enough for my shooting needs. When using the AI, it lasts up to four hours and using the AI with the LED light will last up to two hours. What’s great is that the battery can also be used to charge your smartphone during operations in case your phone battery starts running low. So you can effectively use the gimbal as a power bank for your phone. To charge the gimbal, it takes around 2.5 hours.


Moving on to the price, the Hohem iSteady V2 is priced at 129 U.S dollars which I think is fair considering its feature especially the smart tracking hardware that doesn’t require an app.

Final thoughts

So here are my final thoughts to using this gimbal. I will first start with the cons. First is not being able to turn the AI vision sensor and LED light to use it with the rear camera. You could place the iPhone differently but it will partly block the screen. Second is not the included Apple lightning adapter. Since it works with iOS and Android, it would have been great if they also included the Apple lightning adapter to charge the iPhone. Third is not having the option to add counterweights. For those that use add-on lenses depending on how heavy the lens is, the maximum payload is 0.4 kilograms. The gimbal might not able to balance it out. Moving on to the pros. First is the built-in smart tracking AI sensor. This is one of the key features of the Hohem iSteady V2. I personally don’t like using apps that come with the gimbal as I solely rely on native camera app or Filmic Pro since it produces the best results in terms of image quality. What’s great about the AI vision sensor is that the automatic face tracking features does not require an app. Therefore, I can use it with any third party video apps such as Filmic Pro. Not only that, but I can also use it to make online calls using Skype for example. Second is the folding design that allows for easy storage. It is so small that it fits into my pocket. Third are the strong gimbal motors that can easily support the iPhone 12 Pro Max resulting in smoother stable footage making my videos look more professional. I can even use it with the (mumbles) case and add a variable and de filter for a more cinematic look.

All right, guys. That was it. That was my review on the Hohem iSteady V2 smartphone gimbal. Let me know in the comment section below what you think about this awesome gimbal, Thank you so much for watching, take care and I will see you in the next Post.

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