Hairless Cat Breed Found in All Over World

This kind of cat breed are basically without fur on their body that’s why they are called by “Hairless Cat”. This cat outer look is different from other cat because they look odd and wrinkly type of cat. Hairless cat having a special feature like they does not require extra attention toward their maintenance due to their hairless body. There are so many cats breed found in all over the world without hair on body are listed below with obligatory information.

1. Bambino Cat

They are basically belong to attractive kitties and innocent by their face and with kindfull behavior. This cat breed is combination of two kind of breed that include sphynx cat and munchkin cat that hybrid give them some characteristics that differ from other breed like tiny legs with their ears always in pointed position.

2. Minskin Cat

This cat breed known as Minskin cat because they are adorable due to their structure with furless body but that they have little growth of fur around nose, legs, ear having fur on this part. This breed of cat is also hybrid combination of hairless cat.

3. Ukrainian Levkoy Cat

They are belong to early 2000 since according to researches on animals. They are playful and well mixed with other cat breed for living with them to love and care. This cat breed are cute and adorable in white and black mixed color tone of body.

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