Few Cat Breed That Act Like Dog Found in the World

Some kind of breed in cat is act like dog because of their quality and as they are athletic by their muscled bodies. This kind pf cat breed is mostly preferred by that landlord that are unable to have dog but this breed is mostly like a dog by their characteristics. They are physically strong and superiorly they are intelligent and friendly by nature.

1. Manx cat

They are idiosyncratic type of cat breed and they are having dog like affection toward community. Manx cat are cute by their face cut and they are easily adjustable in any kind of environment. Manx cat behavior is so friendly and they are trained so well like dog they follow all task that given to them.

2. Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin cat is proper combination for those people that lives in smaller places they can adjust well to any kind of place. They are loyal to their partners and taking attention by their behavior.

3. Birman Cat

Birman cat are low maintained to maintain and they are so entertaining towards peoples. This type of cat breed can play with child so well that they enjoy by their play and adorable to humans. Birman cat can follow all commands and trained well at high level for safety of their own and their owner family.

4. American Bobtail cat

This cat breed act like dog because they are so stable and strong cat. They are excellence by their memory and bold that they are brilliant breed for dog people that loves dog. They are sweet by their quality and used mostly as therapy animals.

5. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat having unique quality like they are love to play and affectionate toward human that they always required their attention toward them by showing love and care. This cat breed are engaged breed for playing and likes a water. Abyssinian cat are so innocent by their face and love to go for travel and walk with their owners.

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