Charming Dog Breed Without Tail Found in the World

In this topic we are going to understand about dog breed that not having a tail like normal dog breed like Labrador, German shepherd dog, Beagles Dog. This dog having a tail with born but without tail category of dog breed is with born not having a tail so they involved in this group of without tail dog breed found around all region of the world. They are so charming dog breed without tail.

1. Braque Du Bourbonnais Dog

This breed of dog is known by their origin group of bird and also popular as gun dogs. This breed having unique specialty about their existence in world from last 100 years to till now. This breed of dog also used maximally for hunting purpose and they are short tempered by nature. Their appearance on body is different from other dogs because they have round head with different color pattern of coat on body.

2. English Bulldog

They are macular by body and they also lasted from many years so they are also known as British bull dog. They are working in sports nowadays with their ability to play a games. They are sweet and show dog as pet that found in homes. English bulldog is capable for development of strong bond towards children.

3. Brittany Spaniel Dog

This breed of dog widely used in sports and also known by their characteristic to having short tail. This breed in dog also known by short tail dog and famous for tailless dog.

4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Their tail is formation of recessive mutation by t gene cause the tailless formation to this breed of dog found in world. They are very distingue from normal dog breed.

This breed found loyal to their people and playful by nature. This breed of dog are found in all region in the world and popularly known as corgi breed of dog.

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