Best iPhone Filmmaking Accessories for Every Budget

Hey Everybody I’m the creator of Smartphone Filmmaking Pro, which is a YouTube channel and also an online course where I teach you guys how to make better videos with your smartphones. But today I’m excited to share all the favorite items of myself all the way up to $100 with you guys. So let’s get started with the first one.

Item 1 – Lumafusion

and that is the app LumaFusion. I always like to call LumaFusion kind of like a baby premiere pro or a baby final cut pro. This is a program that as of recording of this video, unfortunately only works on iOS devices, but this is a very, very powerful editor that you can use on your iOS devices. Starting out with a free alternative like iMovie or something like that is really cool. But by the time we get more into smartphone filmmaking having a proper editing app like LumaFusion is a very big deal. With LumaFusion, you can do basically everything that you can do within premier pro as well. You can set key frames, you have several layers, you also have several audio layers. You can color grade, you can work with lots. o basically there are no limits. And since this is so perfectly optimized with the iOS chips, it’s also running super smoothly and super fast, so definitely check it out. As of recording of this video, it is a about $30, but I can tell you it is well worth it because it is a really powerful program. And especially if you compare it to Premiere Pro, for example, you’re paying this on a monthly basis to have this program. So from my side, LumaFusion gets a very big thumbs up.

Item 2 – SoftBox

The second item on my list is my key lights that I’m using right now to light this video. The light that I’m using is a very basic Softbox off of Amazon and you can get a pair of two of those for just $44. So this is very affordable and I’m just a huge fan of having flattering and soft looking lighting on human faces. And as you can see, this just creates a very soft lighting and it’s super easy to use. 0And in the pack you also get a tripod and basically everything that you need. So this is in my opinion, a no brainer because having good lighting and bad lighting will just make a huge difference in the final outcome of your videos.

Item 3 – 5 in1 Reflector

The third item on my list is a 5 in 1 reflector. You guys can see I’m a big sucker of having great lighting. And especially when you are shooting outdoors, it can be very tricky to take, you know, LED panels and so on with you, but having a very simple 5 in 1 reflector, you have black, you have silver, you have gold, you have white, and you also have a clean sheet of diffusing and that you can just hold up and where you can soften the hard sunlight. this also will just make such a huge difference in the final outcome of your videos. And you can get them for very cheap off of Amazon. And this is actually what separates amateur looking video from professional looking video. So definitely if you do not have this in your tool kit, you should definitely get one.

Item 4 – IstendyX

The fourth item on my list is the Hohem iSteady X. This is a very small smartphone gimbal that also has a payload of I think 270 grams. So unless you’re using something like an iPhone 13 Pro Max, or a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you should be able to use this just fine. I’ve used it with my iPhone 13 Pro and also with the 12 Pro previously to that. And for just $79, 04:59 you can get some absolutely amazing footage and it’s super light, super easy to use. So in case you’re searching for a budget gimbal, this is definitely the way to go. And the fifth item on my list is also some kind of lighting, you can see

Item 5 – Yconion Light Tube

I really love having good lighting and that’s this bad boy right here that you can see This is a light cube from YC Anya. This slide also costs around about $80 and it is full RGB. You can dim it from zero all the way to 100%, you can dial in any color that you like. You have some pre-programmed modes like television or a flashlight, or I don’t know, police cars or something like this. It’s super easy to use, I love having it as a backlight back there. The battery life is really good. And, yeah, overall, I love having this in my tool kit. You can also use this for some creative product shots, so a very versatile light,and you should definitely check it out. So those are my top five items below $100.

Item 6 – DJI OM 5

Let’s move on with the items that are above $100. So the first item I would like to present to you is the DJI OM 5 which costs around $170. Now I recently used it with the iPhone 30 Pro Max during my trip Tenerife and got some great looking footage. The great part about this smartphone gimbal is that it not only has a magnetic clamp system for a quickest setup, but also has a built-in extendable pole to shoot more creatively. And I believe that vloggers will benefit a lot as you can capture more in the frame and use the tracking feature to stay centered 06:35 without having to worry being cut out of the frame. Now, if you want to know more, I have a dedicated video explaining everything you need to know about the DJI OM 5 which I will leave a link up here.

Item 7 – TelePhoto Lens SANDMARC

So the next item on the list is the telephoto lens by SANDMARC. Now, the reason why I like this lens so much is because I can attach it onto my wide angle lens, giving me a two times optical zoom without losing quality. Now, I like to bring this lens with me whenever I travel. And I used this lens during my trip to Portugal, Lisbon. If you haven’t seen the video, I will leave a link up here for you to check out. And, you know, there are times where I can’t get physically closer to the subject and therefore use the tele lens to optically zoom in. I mean, I could use the built in lens, but I get a much better image quality attaching the telephoto lens onto the wide angle lens. If I need to get even closer, I could also attach tele lens to the built in tele lens to get a four times optical zoom without having to digitally zoom in that could affect the image quality. So next on the line is the Weebill S by Zhiyun for $300, which is a powerful compact gimbal that helps stabilize your footage. Now, not only can you use it with a mirrorless camera, but also with your smartphone. For professional mobile shoots, this comes in handy as I can attach an add on lens to my smartphone and still maintain a great gamble performance. Smaller gimbals like the DJI OM 5 are great for running guns shooting, but aren’t powerful enough to use with Anil lenses, even with counterweights. Now, guys, if you’re serious about making videos with your smartphone and do professional client work, then the Weebill S is a great gimbal that you can rely on. Now, if you want to know more, I made a video showing you my pro camera setup with this gimbal using the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which I will leave a link up here. Actually, all the products I use, I made almost a dedicated video about it, which is good for you if you wanna learn more. So next, we have the Apple Watch Series 3 for $300 which you can use as a monitor.

Apple Watch Series 3

Now, this is actually the Series 5, but you can use something like a Series 3 to actually use it as a monitor when filming with your iPhone. Now, if you’re filming yourself a lot then having a monitor can be extremely useful. With the camera remote app, you can easily frame yourself see what’s going on during your recording. That way you can use the wide lens on the rear camera that produces much better quality than using the front or selfie camera. I use this feature a lot when I film myself or need to place my iPhone in a unique area to get those creative shots and this really helps set my composition and saves a lot of time.Now, if you want to learn more about it, again, I have a video about it, how you can use the Apple Watch for your iPhone filmmaking, which again, I will leave a link up here. Finally, we have the Road Wireless Go II

Now, if you’re new to smartphone filmmaking, make sure to download my free smartphone filmmaking guide to help you get started making quality videos and also join the private smartphone filmmaking group on Facebook that I created to share your work and get feedback. Thank you so much, guys, for reading. Good luck to you all and have a great day. Peace out.

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