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On My Blog “Tech Thala”, I Share Articles Related to Tech Knowledge, Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing

Talking about that why I am doing this and how I am inspired by this. So, Basically, In 2016-17, I Tried to Search on the Internet that Tech Knowledge And More…, I came to Know about many Real Website And articles but also many fake and Scam Websites as well. I also realized that Many People think that Tech Knowledge is Time West and No One can Earn Tech Knowledge From it. Many People Were Still Thinking that they are just made for Time West

That’s Why I Started Taking knowledge of the Online Market and learned about Some of the Best Ways of Earn Tech Knowledge and more… then I thought that I should also share my knowledge with others

About Me:

My Name is Dhruv Patel. Owner Of Tech Munda 2.0 Youtube Channel. I am studying in Diploma (Computer Engineer) And Hardware and Network Course & Also learning Application development 🙂

My 1st Video On Tech Munda 2.0 April 28, 2020, And Started Working on this Youtube Professionally.

As of now , I have More than 25,000+ Monthly Visiter on My Tech Munda 2.0 Youtube And I had helped many People to Tech Knowledge

I Collaborated with many Reputed Brands who have Over 25,000+ Monthly Visiter Reach. But I am still gaining a lot of Experience in this field and learning more about Tech Knowledge and I’ll be sharing them all on My Tech Munda 2.0 Website.

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You Can also Contact me Through Mail at [email protected]