10 Amazing Unknown Facts About Dog Breed in the World

As you all know dog breed is majorly choose as pet first because dog are human best friend that’s the reason behind it and it makes them really amazing as pet. Dog are really great by them nature and they provide us love, companionship with really strong bond whenever we need them they are always ready for any situation.

  1. Dogs have around 18 muscle in their ears that responsible for the movement of ears that’s help them for listening the noises in better ways. Their ear are major part of body to telling the feeling of them by movement of the ears.
  1. One of the most interesting fact that dog are as intelligent as in the second year old like human that’s why they can trained well easily and understand lot’s of word and gestures. That’s why they are used for all kind of job like military dog because they are intelligent and loyal.
  1. Dogs don’t sweat like human does because they produce pheromone laden oily substance and if they sweat then it’s majorly on their paws.
  2. Some kind of dog breed like swimming that’s the reason they also used as water rescue dog in that newfoundland dog are found good in swimming.
  3. Dog sense of smell is 40x better than human sense of smell this mean dog smell more speedily than us that’s the reason they sniff out people and drug.
  4. Some dog are faster and even they could beat cheetah speed this quality are found in Greyhound dog breed that’s fastest in the speed for run.
  • 7. Some kind of dog can sniff out medical condition they are trained for this purpose and with that some are trained for sniff out covid-19 condition.
  • 8. Dog are right or left pawed to giving them toy to play with that and that information give that which paw they used well for further help for them.
  • 9. Dogs are having super sensitive hearing they can hear softer and lowest sound than humans that’s why they are always alerted by hearing noises in faster ways.
  • 10. Most of dogs are sniff at the same time with breathing their noses are shaped according their multi functionality.

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